I used to think it was all on me…

Not necessarily a bad thing…

I am deliberate designer of life, after all…

However, there was a dark side

An underlying idea that if I did not hold all the balls up in the air…

If I did not cross every ‘i’ and dot every ‘t’

Then it would all come crashing down and I would probably go to hell for all eternity.

I was petrified of doing life wrong

And it stopped me doing life at all!

I passively followed along with the rules…

Did what I felt I must do to keep everything ticking along…

And it was all on me.

The thing is, I have been spiritual forever

I sang the songs

I affirmed the affirmations

Prayed the prayers

But then felt utterly alone

And deep down, I did not believe that God wanted the best for me

Or I suppose I felt that His and my definition of ‘best’ were aeons apart

And to trust that things were working out for my good, was silly.

And so it was all on me

To FORCE everything to work

No listening to intuition

That was too woo-woo and only the weak did silly things like that

I kept feeling guilty about my dreams

And downplaying them because it was all on me and I had no idea how to make it all work

And I did not think I was supported in them anyway so I tried to convince myself to settle.

Finally, I got to the heart of my fear…

And turned it around.

What if you took on the belief ‘EVERYTHING IS WORKING OUT FOR MY GOOD’?

There is a part of you that already wants to think that that is true but you are scared of it…

Life has not always been that great and you find it hard to reconcile all the pain with the universe being on your side and being fully supported.

And so though you say the words, your heart does not really believe it which means that your actions are so careful, so controlled, so sensible…

And all you get is a limited experience of life…

You get a life that is completely devoid of miracles…

And you feel you must settle for less than everything you really do want.

Happiness seems to be a pipe dream that all the woo-woo, weak types propose whereas you, the strong lone-ranger, tell yourself that it is not sensible to expect to be happy all the time.

Honey, you are doomed to get exactly what you expect – NOT MUCH AT ALL!

And if you are happy enough with that, then you really do not belong in this community and I am not sure why you even read what I have to say.

Imagine with me a world where you truly believe that the universe has your back, that God himself/ Source/Universe wants you to live in abundance, fulfilment, freedom – PROSPERITY IN ALL AREAS

And the UNLIMITED kind, not the sensible,’Oh, I am being so spiritual and so I limit myself and call it something holy’ kind

Go on, look inside of you

Check for signs that you think your higher power wants you to suffer or at least wants to limit your potential.

See how that belief stifles you

See how you have been conditioned to think you have to settle for less to be spiritual

Choose to let the crazy idea go.



‘The Divine wants me to prosper abundantly in all areas. NO LIMITS’

Tell me (mostly, tell yourself), how differently would you act if you KNEW, really truly KNEW that everything was working out for your HIGHEST good?

Not some average thing that you had to try to be happy with but your HIGHEST good.

How much freer would you be if you did not doubt your higher power’s intentions for you?

And please stop being super spiritual about this – Face the truth of what you believe about your higher power because THIS IS CRITICAL.

For us, in this community, our spirituality is incredibly important and if you are harbouring the idea that your higher power does not want you to be greedy by wishing to experience all that life has to offer, then you will continually stifle yourself and play yourself down.


You are born to experience TOTAL freedom, fulfilment, abundance, love

It is your divine heritage but you will only experience the seemingly miraculous appearance of this life when you choose to co-create with Source but how will you allow yourself to do that if you think He/She is out to get you?

And so then you limit yourself to what you know and have experienced which is not all that much

And then you tell yourself that you must simply settle

And you try to be happy with it.

But you are not

And you are slightly bewildered as to why all your ‘childish’ dreams were given you if you were then expected to sacrifice them.

Honey, open your eyes, ears, heart…


And in fact, it is as you listen to those intuitive nudges and act on them that it all comes together in ways both easier and harder than you ever thought possible.

Right now, with this limiting idea of being alone, you are working hard to stand mostly still.

It is time to get on the narrow path to TOTAL fulfilment, freedom, abundance, love

Don’t you think?

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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