It is so easy to fall into the trap of thinking that because your big vision has not yet happened, that it will not happen.

Regular peeps start finding great sounding reasons why their vision has not and will never work.

They even make it sound spiritual and holy when really, they are just giving themselves reasons to quit.

And they are usually surrounded by others who will back them up and confirm that what they think is true…

And so they shut themselves down to possibilities and opportunities because they have DECIDED to take the ‘OUT’ instead of stay the course

The truth is, this journey is always harder than most people expect it to be

I liken it to when I was being told about giving birth

I was sure that all those ladies were exaggerating – Nothing could be THAT painful, surely!

I was sure that it would absolutely, definitely be different (read, easier) for me

I would be prepared and it would be lovely and it would also be over in record time and so on.

I was different, don’t you know?!

And yes, I am different

But childbirth was still a lot more painful than I could ever have been prepared for

I got through it, of course

And even learnt to do it better in the 2 more times that I did it

And it is the way with this DELIBERATE LIFE

Yes, it leads to freedom, fulfilment, financial abundance and love

But the transition period can be TOUGH!

So tough, in fact that most people quit.

And then they start fighting for their limitations instead of realising that all they needed to do was keep moving forward, one step then the next, regardless of the darkness they felt.

And if they were super wise, they would have surrounded themselves with peeps that support their dreams, not those who think it is impossible

Who the heck decides what is impossible?

People fly these days

Once upon a time, that would have seemed COMPLETELY impossible

If you have a vision, it is yours to create

Anything that makes you feel otherwise is a lie and is not to be defended

No wimping out

No fighting for your limits

RISE UP as the leader you are and bring that vision to life

Tell me, what do you feel gets in the way of you bringing your vision to life, right now?

Much Amazing Love

And before you go, take advantage of the FREEDOM book: Live free, wealthy and on purpose

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