Honey, I can see you…

YOu want to say certain things but you hold back, worried that you might lose all your friends…

You want to do powerful work, change lives and create a super-successful business but you are scared that someone, somewhere will think you are mercenary…

You worry endlesly about your motivations and you worry that trying to make money doing work you feel called to, is wrong…

And so you hold back.

You keep your real, true self hidden…

Scared that the mistakes of old will come and get you…

Scared that you are not enough…

And mostly scared of losing the life you have fought hard to create! ( Yes, I know this was a hard-won battle)

But honey, this current version of life is so dissatisfying!

You built it on the WRONG WALL!  You know you did!

And you KNOW you are born for more…

To help and support more people with the message inside of you…

With the products, services, art, books, music, ministry that you want to deliver on the world…

And you know that you feel a hunger, a horniness that you have to keep drowning out…

And YOU ALSO KNOW that you are fed up of pretending to be this smaller person…

But you think you have to do it!

You think you have to keep playing this small game!


Come on!!!!  Be the warrior you are born to be!

Be the champion that changes lives…

Be the person who says what you really mean

Stop being so afraid of what people will think of you!

Will that make you happy at the end?

Imagine you found out that you were going to die in 3months, How would your life change?

Be honest with yourself…

If you really knew that you only had 90 days to make a dent on this planet, what would you be doing, saying, creating now?

What blogs would you be writing?

What videos would you be ranting on?

Who would you be connecting with?

Where would you be spending your time?

What do you think your people need to know?

Honey, you are free to start creating it all now!

You do not have to wait to be given a death sentence, YOUR DAYS ARE ALREADY NUMBERED!

You just don’t know the date yet!

So come on, you have a call, a purpose…

You cannot be like most who have this romantic idea of what it is to live a calling…

They only do it when it is convenient!

In fact, I have come to hate hearing people tell me of their calling when I can see they are NOT LIVING IT OUT!

They are being little bitches, scared of their shadows, scared to shine, scared to be the warrior they are born to be…


I have been that little bitch.

Even recently, I gave in to fear of being my real, true self…

I wanted to go back into hiding…

I wanted to hide parts of my message of freedom in all areas – Spirituality, Sexuality, Business, Financial Independence – I was going to go back to just talking business because I got scared and started to wimp out…

So honey, I understand…

I sound so strong because this is how I have talk to me…

I know how hard it can be to truly live in freedom…

To really be in alignment to your true purpose especially when it is a little different from the norms around you!


I KNOW the fear well!

And yet, honey, YOU ARE CALLED and you know it…

And if you live less of a life out of fear, you will regret it!

You will wonder why you did not just fucking be the leader you were born to be!

So come on, dare to speak up NOW!

Dare to say what you really want to say!

Do what you really want to do!

Be who you want to be!

Create the wealth in abundance that you want by refusing to play small anymore…

Dare to deliberately design the life you ACTUALLY WANT to live…

The very things you think keep you safe, are also keeping you away from the real life you want to live…

You cannot keep this ‘safe’, dissatisfying life and also live the powerful freedom, purpose-driven life!

You feel the frustration of trying to hold on to both – YOU SIMPLY CAN’T!!!

So, which one do you choose, honey?

Choose your REAL life, honey!  The one you are born to create

then make a commitment to SHOW UP FULLY!

And honey, please remember that you are born for more.

Born to be a warrior!

Born to lead many!

Born to disrupt the status quo in your industry!



Let the real you rise up and shine!

It is time to make your dent, honey!

It is time to be the leader you are created to be!


No more wimpiness



Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live

Because you want to!

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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