Don’t Get it perfect, Just Get it done

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Gosh, I have been missing from the world of blogging for a little while now.  Nothing like a spell of Twilight to distract me from my duties as a blogger.  I unfortunately or fortunately got sucked into the world of love, romance, vampires and werewolves.  I am almost ashamed to admit it.  Having watched the films on one fateful Thursday, I decided to allow myself read the books again – I have not read fiction in a little while now as I generally would rather use my time for more fruitful pursuits.  So, most of any spare time between home-educating, property managing, drug dispensing, was spent indulging myself by reading the ‘very huge’ ‘Twilight Saga’ books.

But, Now it is time to return to normal.  The films are done, the books are read.  Enough already…

Perfect or Just Do it?

perfect, get it doneHave you ever perfect -ed yourself out of a goal?  You have a great idea but then all you can see are the obstacles to perfection so you keep trying to do this and then do that and then the other and then try something else.  It just does not seem right yet so you keep trying and trying and trying.  You do not want to give up though, or at least not appear to give up so you keep trying and trying and trying to get it just so.

The other option could also be that you just decide it is not good enough and you just stop trying.  I remember once, a long time ago, I wrote a song that was a hit amongst my friends.  I was unable to write another one for a long time after that because my last song kept defeating me.  Nothing could be as perfect as that so I could never quite write anything that seemed to stand up to it.  That held me back from doing things I wanted to for ages.

Now, I am learning that getting good at anything just takes a whole lot of attempts which get better with time.  No one starts at AMAZING!  except by fluke.  Talent, that lasts, usually takes a whole lot of practice; just getting on with it and just daring to put your stuff, your work, out there.  Let it be judged by someone other than you and then you can get a realistic idea of what needs improving.

Doing something usually gives you the knowledge to do something.  Do you understand what I mean?


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