Don’t Be so Focused on The Money That You Forget To Serve!

Don’t Be so Focused on The Money That You Forget To Serve!

This used to happen to me all the time.


The first time I recognized it, I was starting up a business in property and finally getting buckled down to do some work rather than just talk about it.


The thing was, I was desperate to succeed. I had hit rock bottom and there was nowhere else to drop!


I wanted the money to pour in immediately and it didn’t. All I could think of was the money, the money, the money and I could not let it go.


Needless to say, the money seemed to run as far from me as possible. It does do that, you know?!


You cannot make money without offering a useful service and I was still learning my useful service so there was no money being made to start with.


If not for my determination to quit being a pharmacist and care for my daughters, I would have stopped. It was hard, hard, hard!


I remember sitting down with a property vendor and hearing her story and suddenly, I realized I wanted to help her and so I did. My first property deal was done.


And so I started to think more about how I could serve property owners and my tenants and that made a huge difference to my income slowly, but surely.


And then I hit my target, left pharmacy and wanted to do something even more fulfilling and so I responded to the people’s calls for support in building their own profitable business and I got into coaching with good intentions but then I started to feel desperation again.


And the focus became more on how I could make money quickly rather than how I could serve someone so the money started to dry up again. No one responded to offers – I pushed and pushed and well… started to give up and then I paid attention again to what I was doing.


And I saw where the problem lay.


I was looking for a quick buck, I did not care how I got there as long as I got there and that is never a great place to be when building a business.


So, I took a step back and started to build my business up again and pay more attention to clients and their results improved and therefore so did mine.


The key was to spend more time focused on how I can serve people rather than just on how I can make money and meet my goals and all of that stuff.

Yes, there is room for outcome- focus but if that is all you do then you forget the reason you do it and it gets hard.


Do you ever feel like that?
Do you ever feel so desperate for the cash that you forget why you started the business in the first place? OR maybe you did start the business to make a lot of money and only that?


I imagine you have found that the money as a focus alone, is no fun. You lose momentum and there is not a big enough reason to keep going because it is all plain tedious! And you end up doing things that don’t agree with you just to make a quick buck and it may work for a second but you lose it and you are back to pushing, shoving and getting not much back in return.


Oh please, do not assume that I think you should stop making money or even that you should not have a money goal – You should.


However, there has to be more to it than that or else you are better off in a job.


Think of your ideal customer …


Think of their problems, their pains, their desires…


And consider how you can serve them like no one else does…


Make note of the ideas that pop into your head…


Then implement!


Take action on those while you are still inspired by it…


And little by little, as you do this over and over and you ask questions of the prospects and customers that come in to your business, you will get clearer and clearer about what you do to support people…


And as you tell them from a place of wanting to be of service, you will find that more people respond to you because they actually feel cared for.


And you feel better about your business as well.


This does not mean that you allow other people determine the pthway of your business, you are always in control. Opinions of people outside your business do not count.


However, there is a fine line between hearing the heart of your customers and providing them with a product or service that supports them


As opposed to trying to come across as wonderful when really, all you care about is your bank account or their approval. People can tell and they run a mile.


So learn to be you and tap into the part of you that wants to make a difference, that wants to live on purpose, that is determined to be your best self.


And then make as much money as you like!


Get the order right!



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