So, there I was, a bankrupt, depressed pharmacist…

Everything was supposed to be fine and yet, it felt like my life was falling to pieces

Little did I realise that everything was actually falling together

I had dreamt and prayed about living life my way

Living life to my true design

I had felt out of place in this ‘successful’ life I had built but I would have kept going with it…

I did not know any different

My whole life had conditioned me into thinking that the best kind of life was one where I was a professional and had a great steady job and did good stuff at church at the weekends and evenings

Not a bad life by any means…

And so, when all the turbulence began – it felt scary

I felt out of control and I went numb

And for 4 years, I allowed myself to be full of self-pity

And so I was stuck for that period of time

But I look back and I am thankful for the turbulence

I am thankful that I got shook out of a life that did not suit me

I cannot say that it has been all fun and games but I can say, I am soooooo grateful that things played out the way they did.

I get to live life the way I want to now, PROSPEROUSLY

I have learnt to say ‘no’ without all the guilt and shame and feelings of being some kind of a rebel…

I love myself more now than I ever have

Life feels on track

I feel capable of handling any challenges and as I expand, there are always those but it is cool because I have also learnt to trust Papa, for real rather than just by mouth.

I am not perfect by any means but I can see now that all the turbulence in my life led me to new, more expanded states…

I remember the month before winning the Porsche Boxster, writing off TWO CARS and I still remember crying my eyes out on the side of the street when the second accident happened just 3 weeks after the first – It felt terrible

And yet, it created room for the Porsche

Now, am I saying that terrible things always have to happen before the good things come in?


I do however believe that if we could be more responsive to the intuitive nudges within us that try to guide us smoothly to our goals, then life would feel a lot easier…

But we don’t, do we?

Who could have told me to build a business with gusto, if I did not get to the point of feeling that I may as well do it as I was at the bottom anyway?  Before that, I dabbled and quit whenever the going got tough.

Who could have told me to make space for the Porsche?

And there are many more stories like that where something leaves in a dramatic fashion, only to be replaced by something better fairly shortly afterwards…

And we get the choice as to whether we get all scared to death and petrified and potentially cancel out the new thing or if we fully realise that everything is ALWAYS working out for good.

Because it is.

If we will stay the course and not lose heart.

If we will keep taking that next step.

If we will trust that the Divine really does have our backs.

Your prayers are trying to be answered but you may be holding on to the old thing desperately when it is trying to leave

Or you may be so stuck in depression and sadness because something left and so, you are blocking the new thing from coming in because your prayer has changed from ‘I want this new thing’ to ‘I want the old thing back, even though I did not really want it when it was here but now that it is gone, I feel like the bad thing is better than nothing so PLEASE bring it back’

Can you see what you might be doing?

We are always creating our lives, whether we are aware of it or not…

So, check yourself, honey…

The turbulence in your life, particularly if you are believing for something greater, is just taking you to your next level

Do not get in the way with all the fear, doubt and worry.

Instead, rise up and claim your good, regardless of appearances.


I help my clients to change more lives and create more of an income online while living to their TRUE DESIGN.  Together, my clients and I design and bring about a prosperous, free, fulfilled life and a highly profitable purpose-driven online business.

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Much Amazing Love
@Rosemary Nonny Knight
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