You Have Done It, You Have The T-Shirt And Now You Wonder What’s Next

You Have Done It, You Have The T-Shirt And Now You Wonder What's NextIs it even working for you anymore?

I know you have been told what life needs to look like and so far, you have stuck to that. And it has been okay but…

I know you have been brought up to do things in a certain way and again, you have stuck to the status quo,. In fact, you are best at it and yet…

I know you have obeyed the rules. You have gathered most of what THEY said you should want – The house, the car (s), the professional job, the partner?, the kids… In theory, you have it all and yet…

You know you should be happy…

You tell yourself and anyone who asks that you are happy…

But deep inside, you are not really that sure.

So here is my question to you?

Are your beliefs working anymore?

Yes or no?

All that you have believed about what getting ‘THERE’ should look like… Is it proving to be correct or is it just kinda bleh?

It feels boring. Something does not quite hit the spot and you want to settle into it but you struggle to feel at peace inside.

Then why are you holding on to it so tightly? I mean, really?!

If it IS broke, CHANGE IT!

You are not a tree, you know?!

You can decide to look for another way. And yet, I understand what it is like to consider leaving behind everything you have believed. It is not easy.

They told you that getting all the trinkets any old how would make you happy.

I like trinkets but the ‘any old how’ part of the equation was destroying my soul!

They even told you that doing all the church work you can fit in would make you happy and yet, you are not…

I tried that too and it just felt like I was building someone else’s dream and you know what, they give you accolades for that. They make you feel pretty special for giving up your own ideas to be someone else’s puppet and I went along with that for a while…

Until I couldn’t.

And then, there are all the questions about whether God hates you too when you can no longer pretend to be happy with the choices you are making.

Or when you can no longer give all your spare time to doing things someone else’s way…

Or when you realize they will never release you to go off on your own. If you want it, you are gonna have to ask for it and go get it…

Be honest about it!

Because unless you find a way to be honest with yourself about the fact that you are really not that happy doing all that you are currently doing then you are making yourself into a tree.

You are deciding that your dreams, your desires are just not worth it.

And so, you get to stay put in a life you do not like.

It looks okay, I know…

But you know it is not!

I know it seems hard to be real and accept that it is not working because who knows what will work? And if you open this particular can of worms, you might find it impossible to close it off and you could destroy everything you have built to date.

Yes, it COULD happen but it will not stop there.

Yes, there might be something of an upheaval as you redesign a wealthy life that you actually like – yes, there might be friends lost, there might be family members who are angry that you are shifting things, there might be all kinds of things in the short term… (I know I am making it sound SO attractive! :-D)

And yet, you will go to sleep knowing that you are going to wake up happy.

You will wake up knowing that the day is yours to do whatever you like with.

You will do what you want to do, when you want to do it.

You will make a difference to a whole lot of people in a way that feels good to you.

And you WILL make a fortune while doing it (if you let yourself)

Because this is the thing, you have never ever failed to get what you set your mind to. Think about it…

You know it is true.

You always end up where you set out for, don’t you?

You are no weakling that caves under pressure, are you?

Nope, you know you are destined to do great things – you just have not completely believed that you can do it your way.

And so you have climbed up the wrong ladder, listening to others telling you what you should want, what THEY think will be a great result and you got the result but it is not all it’s cracked up to be.

And now, you need to start to really believe that WHAT YOU WANT is possible.

And you need to allow yourself to powerfully walk in that direction.

Because, honey, you are a force of nature when you set your mind on something so why not give yourself the best opportunity to succeed and OWN your dreams and go after them deliberately.

Instead of getting sidetracked by trying to keep people happy.

Choose YOU!

Choose YOUR REAL life. It has been hidden away for too long. It is certainly time now to focus on what you really want and do whatever it takes to make it real.

Fight for, create the life, the business you want.

Kind Regards


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