Your Domain Name – Something To Consider When Getting One For Your Business

domain nameThe domain name of your website is pretty important if you want your business to be found on the web.  As we all know, having a web presence is really essential when running a business in today’s interconnected world.

It does not matter whether you are a local business or not. Having a website is like having a business card that everyone has access to.  You can send people that way and you can be listed in all the online directories from the yellow pages to the google search engine.

The thing is, people sometimes approach this from a branding perspective instead of thinking about how easily you will be found on the net.  Traffic is one of the things a lot of my clients find difficult to generate and so it causes them to think internet strategies are irrelevant for their business.

Let me give you a few tips that may help you generate leads online

  1. Obtain a domain name from a place like GoDaddy with your business name as the or (You may even want to buy all the other .net and .info stuff and redirect them to your main root).This is what most people do and then they stop.
  2. The next thing to do would be to consider the key phrase you want to be known for and a phrase tha gets a lot of traffic.  You can check the amount of traffic yours gets by popping over to the Google keyword tool and discovering how many people search for your term.
    Then I would suggest getting another website with the domain name being the keyphrase.
    For instance – (for dentists that offer tooth whitening services), (for an independent pharmacy in Dudley), (again for pharmacists), (Has potential for someone who wants to specialise in caring for kids with chicken pox), (toy store in Sutton).
    Whatever you choose, that can then become a lead generation site so you may have a few articles and pages on there as you must fulfil certain standards for Google Search engine optimisation criteria, but apart from that, the point of this site is completely to ask people to leave their details and you follow up with them either using an autoresponder series or by following them up in person.

This is something small business owners do not consider.  And there are limitless domain names out there that could fulfill this critieria.

So go on, get another domain name – set up a lead generation site and lets create more leads.

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