Doing All You can Do In Order To Start Getting All You Want To Get


This morning, the Live Free & on Purpose challenge began and I am pretty excited and pretty darned scared of the things I want to share and how deep I can go without scaring people off…

And yet, that is part of the point, isn’t it?

If I cannot be completely the person that I am with no fear around whether people like me or not, then I really cannot claim to be free in any way.

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On Saturday, I was having a conversation with a prospective client, who is now a client and one of the things she asked me was how did I make the choices I needed to make at the start of my journey to put money down when I really had no money to be doing such a thing…

And when she asked I was loath to answer because I tend to want to protect people from some of the challenges I had to face and still have to face in order to create a free & fulfilling life.

I want to protect everyone from it.

I want to make it easier for you.

I ACTUALLY WANT there to be an easier way for you.

I know I can handle it but I find myself feeling sympathetic towards people trying to change their life and business. It is tough and it takes a certain type of person to be able to handle the emotional tension around it.

Anyway, after trying to delay the answer for about a second, I told her the bald truth. I was as petrified as she was whenever I invested huge sums in myself. I was never in the place to afford it easily, EVER!

I invest the money knowing that I have to do the work to make it work or else it will be a great loss to me.

I know I have no one to blame for the circumstances of my life other than myself so I always get a choice as to whether to invest in myself and my business or to hope and pray that somehow, doing what I have always done will somehow generate different results.

Yes, I too used to live in that dream ‘la la’ land as well – A land where you never did anything different and somehow your results were awesome. And I blamed everything and everyone else for my problems.

  • It was my parents not loving me enough…

  • It was the accident that left my dad paralysed…

  • It was having to look after my brothers when I was not much more than a child myself…

  • It was being brought up in Africa…

  • It was the fact that no one thought I could do it…

  • It was the fact that everyone thought I was lazy…

  • It was the fact that ‘those’ coaches charged too much and of course, they are all charlatans – if they really believed they could make me successful they would charge me after doing the work etc etc.

It was everyone and everything else’s fault…

Change began the day I owned my life – problems and all – and I decided to invest in myself and work with a coach, mentor, mastermind group so I could no longer live in self-delusion!

Because it is too easy for us to find ourselves there…

Pretending we are doing all we need to do to move forward…

Telling ourselves there is nothing else we can do, we have tried it all and nothing is working…

Do you ever have that dialogue with yourself or with anyone else? And maybe, they smile sympathetically at you and you feel even more convinced that because they understand what you are going through, it must be true that there is nothing else you can do.

Well, you can buy into that lie if you like! It is a recipe for regret, just so you know!

Or maybe you can choose to do the work, no matter how hard it feels to do at times. No matter how many people think you are crazy for investing in yourself and consistently, doing whatever it takes to get the results you want.

This wonderful new client of mine… I have no doubt that she has what it takes to win, she has fought a lot of battles to be here and I know that as she does the work, she will bear the fruits of a winner.

And it will not be because she avoided the hard stuff, not even because I will do all I can to support her in her quest – It will be because she faced down the fears, the doubts, the stories her mind is trying to feed her…

It will be because she ignores the distractions all around her and she chooses to get stuck right into the fray.

It will be because she chooses each day to fight to create the life, the business she wants.

It is because she chooses not to give in but more than just not give in, she goes out and takes ground. She knows what she wants and she will do whatever it takes to get it.

She is ALREADY a winner.

And she will know even more, just how strong she is. The person she becomes is so worth it.

And the same applies to you if you will actually STEP UP!

Do the work that you are scared of!

Commit & move.

Begin NOW!

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