You have been told that hard work pays.

You bought into the concept of it

You have been working hard forEVER

And you are still not where you thought you would be

And even when you reach some moment of satisfaction, you are scared that you will lose it if you stop working crazy hard to maintain it so all joy is sucked out of any momentary success.

At what point EXACTLY do you think that you would have worked hard enough to simply enjoy life?

(Oh I KNow!!!, it is probably that long-awaited retirement day when you now have to choose to tighten your belt severely and live on less for the rest of your life. Yippee! What joy! but hey, you don’t have to work hard anymore, right?!)

Or maybe you think that that is just an impossibility – After all, you are an adult now and you just need to get on with it…

How much more time and hard effort do you need to give before finally, you will be worthy of the desires of your heart?

Are you ready to consider that there might be another way?

Yes, of course, there is action to take – You are not suddenly going to turn into a lazy person simply because you are considering new beliefs, my love!

But does it need to be hard?

Does it need to involve giving up so much time to achieve a life that is STILL NOT what you truly desire?

Does it need to involve giving up time with your family and friends?

Does it need to involve days full of activities you wake up dreading?

Did you know that most heart attacks happen on Monday Morning?


So many people hate doing what they do but are completely caught up in the belief that they have NO CHOICE!

But if you have no choice about your own awesome life, then who the heck does have the choice over how YOU spend your time?

Are you not willing to at least consider that there is another way?

The truth is, I KNOW you, deep down, believe there is another way

But you doubt yourself

Life has dealt so many hard times that you have lost confidence in your own dreams and your own self.

And yet, NOW is the perfect time for you to breakthrough – Everything you have been through, strengthened you, honed you, refined you for the desires of your heart

You are ready NOW to step into your TRUE DESIGN LIFE but now, you hold back because of self-doubt.

AWAKEN, dear one.

If you are truly ready to discover a more fulfilling and abundant path in life, then come into THE DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRES

This is an incubator for driven spiritual people who KNOW they are meant for more but who feel stifled by low-self confidence and low-self-esteem.

This is the place you come to regain your confidence, leave behind the pain and limiting beliefs of the past

This is the place you come to RISE VICTORIOUS in your TRUE DESIGN LIFE – A free, fulfilled, financially abundant and love-drenched life

Come do life with me daily – Let my enthusiasm for life rub off on you as you immerse yourself in the programs, bootcamps, EMPOWER EXPERIENCES, conversation and more

The work always works – YES

But the work does not need to be hard.

Come now and begin living life more easily –

Much Amazing Love

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