People do stuff.

Sometimes, it feels like unforgivable stuff…

And you feel the hurt. You feel the pain and you never ever want to forgive ever again.

Because you do not deserve to be treated this way.  You did nothing wrong, did you?

And I get it!

Oh, I get it!

But do you understand that you are the one in prison when you choose to protect yourself in this way?  The shell you build around you keeps you locked in and the other person may be going along on their merry way, not even realising the mess they left behind.

It is time for you to be free.

It is time to let it go.

To take a stand for yourself and decide to break through the walls that you have used to protect yourself.

Do yourself a favour and forgive.

  1.  Acknowledge the hurt

YOu cannot pretend it away.  YOu have to feel it so that you can heal from it.  No, this does not mean you get to wallow in it, you have done enough of that as you stayed stuck in the shell that protected you.  It is time to be free of all that.

Face the fat that you were hurt and it caused you to retreat.

2. Acknowledge your strength

As you see the full extent of the hurt, you recognise the strength that dwells within you.  You faced all that and still you stand.  I still remember singing with gusto a song by a lady called Yolanda Adams – Still I rise…

Oh, it brings back memories and helps me time and time to shift away from pain and stuckness and hurt.  And it reminds me and hopefully you, that you are much stronger than you realise.

And as you acknowledge that strength, you can …

3.  Open up again

Allow peace back into your insides and let the tension out.  It takes a lot of energy to hold yourself together in that way.  Energy that could be redirected to projects that change lives…

Energy that can be used to build your business…

Energy that can be used to love the people in your life currently who care about you.

Instead of holding on to the past and thinking you are keeping yourself, you can open up knowing that no one is allowed to hurt you without your permission and frankly, you refuse to give it.

You recognise your strength and you refuse to let anyone take it away from you.

No, the journey to total forgiveness is not a straightforward three step process but it can be a start. And maybe you will need to go back and forth, reminding and reminding yourself that though you were hurt, you are strong enough not to need to close down again, I need you to also see that it is a perfect part of your journey.

A perfect part of your story.  It does not cripple you, it strengthens you.

So, keep doing the work to take back your freedom.  Let it take as long as it takes, although it would be easier to choose to let it go – You are in control of this process.  Remember that.

Fight for, create the life, the business you want.

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