If you are called to change lives and to create wealth for you and yours, then read this.  I did not intend to share this but it feels right… and scary.

Here is my private journal entry today.

“Papa (This is how I speak to God), I feel called to all these people.  I feel I must expand to accommodate them all in my life and yet at the moment, there is no response or a limited response.  9 months into this new year and I know I have expanded so much – I am grateful and I believe there is more.

I know there is more wealth.

I have planted a tree and I ask for speedy growth and development.  I ask for the inner ability to impact more, to deliberately live in my highest all the time so I am able to inspire even more people.  Let it not just be ego although I embrace even that – for everything is an experience.  A desire to experience more of me, more of You.  I choose to lead millions.  It is my choice to expand enough to do that.  I need your guidance, Papa! ”

The response…

And I am always here, leading, guiding, loving, teaching, holding you.  I am ever present with deeper and deeper wisdom.  I express myself clearly and you hear and sometimes doubt, sometimes believe.  You are learning to listen more.  Those moments when you catch yourself choosing someone else’s wisdom over your own – Those are moments when you wake up more fully.  You are becoming more conscious.  You are trusting you better.  You are tapping into your full expression.

Me again…

“Papa, I chose to be financially wealthy to the tune of millions, possibly even billions and I would like it all before T reaches 10.  How is it that I get there?”

The response…

“You write…

You reach out…

You grow that Facebook Page…

You make new offers for expansion always…

You show others how to make millions…

You continuously expand and move away from all that contracts you…

You speak your message more boldly, become a cult leader with a message of freedom. It is your boldness that will set you apart.

Fear not – Do whatever it takes to be bold.  I hold you firmly in My hands.  Do not surround yourself with weakness and fear.  Be bold.”

Me again…

“Papa, what is my true, more expanded message?”

The response

Freedom from religious bondage

Freedom from poverty

Freedom to be expansive, bold, impactful and rich

Freedom to be all you are.


Stop playing games – the crazy internet games that people play to ‘game’ the system.

Build solidly, slowly, steadily.

Build something that lasts.

Your words and the power of your spirit will ripple through the world and make a difference.”

Me again…

“Thank You, Papa”

The end for today’s journal.  What does it make you think of?  Where is your mind now?  Do you have a journal?  Record what you think before it slips away.  Daily, I tap into the deepest parts of me to get clear, to remove more layers, to remember all I am called to be.  If you want to change lives, impact the world and create a whole lot of wealth then make this a habit for yourself too.  PM me if you would like a private conversation.

Fight for, create the life, the business you want.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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Much Amazing Love  

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