Leader, it is time to step things up!

It is time to stop giving into the excuses…

It is time to be the POWERFUL creature you were created to be!

That leader who does not give excuses and actually gets off their butt and does the work that they are born to do…

The leader who recognises and accepts themselves as powerful and therefore shows up, KNOWING that whatever words pop out of their mouth that day is EXACTLY what their people need to hear…

The leader who therefore does not spend ages overthinking and second guessing before they unleash the message of the day!

The leader who puts first things first – You do the internal work to stir up their intuition and their sexuality and tap into the power of both while leaving behind their sad story of yesterday…

That leader is exactly who you are!

You attract clients, customers, recruits because you show up this powerfully and then you create something for them to buy into…

You do not stop…

You do not quit…

You do not give excuses…

You work with powerful coaches that call out the best in you…

You do not leave any room for compromise because honey, YOU KNOW that you are born to win!

And you would rather die trying than give in to living a norm-like existence that bores you silly and changes no lives…

Leader, I get it…

There are days you wake up and wonder why you have to keep pushing…

Why you cannot just be like a norm and settle into accepting whatever scraps get chucked your way…

But then you give it a try for a second and internally, you watch all your dreams fade away and you give that nonsense up immediately…


Because you are a warrior!

Designed to fight for something…

To give your life to a vision, a cause…

And frankly, that cause to start with, is the full unleashing of YOU!

You have big ideas, big dreams, big things you want to be about…

And it is more than just a need or desperation for money…

Yes, You want money and money in abundance!


And you also want to impact a lot of people…

Change a lot of lives…

Feel the power of being on purpose and being on fire!

You love that exhilartating feeling and you want to feel it all the time!

And you can, Leader!


You can be rich, powerful AND someone who changes the lives of many!

You can literally have it all!

It is not some faraway wish out there somewhere in the far, far distance!

It is not something that only happens to other people!

It is not TOO MUCH!


It is available to you, if you choose it!

Right now, you can choose that lifestyle…

A life of adventure and exploration!

Of wealth and happiness!

Of freedom and opportunity!

Where you get to do whatever occurs to you…

Yes, you will make a few mistakes but so the heck what!


Don’t you see yet that it is because you allow yourself to make those mistakes that you also allow yourself to experience more of life!

Get playful about this…

Be like a child again!

Put down all those crazy ideas that to be responsible is to stop having fun!


Experiment, expand, dare to do, be, have whatever you want!


Yes, choose to live a ‘selfish’ life! (Selfish as defined by them silly norms!)

A life which most norms talk themselves out of while pretending to be happy as they stand in their judgemental ‘holier than thou’ circles…

They are not happy living that way where everyone else’s agenda trumps theirs – they just try to pretend they are!

And you, LEADER, you are not a norm!

So, ignore them and get to work doing the work yuo are born to do!

Get to work being your most powerful self…

Get to work changing more and more lives…

And as you do that, watch the money roll in!

Then let it!

Do not get in its way with any old crazy limiting beliefs about whether you are allowed to make money doing what you love or not!

Just let it in!

Ask for it to come…

And money will come!

Leader – Do you want it or not?

If you do, let’s get to work making your biggest and best dreams happen!

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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