This comes so hard to you and I.

We have had many MANY opportunities to prove that nothing and no one is to be trusted.

Even the Divine is not to be completely trusted, particularly if you were taught falsities about what/who the Divine is

It has always felt like you against the world.

You, holding up all the people you love, in your own way.

Usually being unappreciated for it

Usually being accused of all manner of things and misunderstood when you were really trying to give your best.

While at the same time, they still want you to remain there doing all that you do, when they need you.

This all added to your reluctance to trust.

This has also led to you feeling isolated – YOU the one who is ever available to other people, never seem to be able to lean into anyone else when you need it.  They never seem to be available when you need them or you have gotten so used to having your words misinterpreted that you have now learnt to shut up and just get on with it.

But it feels tiring

And lonely.

And as time went on, you also started to lose confidence in yourself because you are not quite where you wanted to be, by now…

Yes, others can look at your life and think that you are more stable, more together than lots of people but you always knew you were meant for more.


And yet, time has passed on and you are not where you thought you would be.

It just always seems easier for other people to prosper than it has ever been for you.

And though you still have high hopes of all that your life can still be, there is a part of you that is just tired of trying so hard all the time.

You feel drained of enthusiasm

The self-doubt has a hold on you.

Mistakes made in the past keep coming back to haunt your thoughts

And so, you can see yourself playing smaller in life but you are just not sure how to shake this depressed, heavy feeling

Go within

Call out to the Divine within you for help

Demand that your confidence be restored

Be willing to follow the guidance that comes through

Allow Yourself to be loved

Allow yourself to be reawakened

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Much Amazing Love


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