You doubt yourself, don’t you?

You are not completely convinced that what you have on offer to the world is actually of use, or makes any difference at all.  And so, you do not sell with conviction and people pick up on your fear and run very fast in the other direction.

And this is the thing, you do kinda believe in what you have on offer.

You know that it has helped others and it may even have helped you.

You believe in it and yet, it is you that you doubt.

Why do you doubt yourself?  Have you taken the time to question?  Have you taken the time to un-pick all the nonsense going on in your head about you, about your product, your service, your opportunity?

You are so fearful about the fact that you might be selling something that will not help anyone and you fear that you are only in it for the money and you think that something about the whole business thing is kinda wrong and something about you doing business is wrong.

And because all this murkiness is going on under the surface, you are not doing the work that you need to do to change the life of anyone and to create wealth for you and yours.  It is time to get clear.

1.Clarity of purpose

It is a great thing that you are so full of heart and you do not want to do anything untoward to anyone.


But this is the thing, you need to get deliberate about sorting out your learnt reaction to business as a whole.   If you have come from one of those families or one of those religions where making money in business is looked down upon then you are playing out a fallacy all the time and you are not even aware of it.

Even I have to come back time and time again to the fact that I have gotten unclear about what my mission is.  There are days when I wonder if I am allowed to make a lot of money.  I start to think that I am being mercenary and so I doubt the work that I do with others.  In that moment, I forget all the clients whose lives have changed as a result of working with me.  I start to hold back on putting myself out in the world. I know how easy it is to fall into this pattern with all the excuses in the world about why I am not doing the work but it comes down to a lack of clarity inside of me. And so…

Every day, I choose to whip out my journal and write myself clear.  Can you do that?

Instead of going passively through life, allowing your past conditioning and past beliefs to control what you make happen in your present life, take some time each morning to realign yourself to your purpose.  Question everything you have been taught and form your own more empowering beliefs.

Write out your goals each and every day before you dive into the day.

This keeps you on purpose.  This keeps you clear.

If there is anyone to forgive, forgive them before the day begins so that you walk into each day, feeling sure and certain.  Your prospects pick up on your uncertainty, your lack of clarity and you are just not someone that will allow yourself to sell anything you do not completely believe in.  On the surface, you believe but subconsciously, you hold back so get clear on why and eliminate anything that does not build you up.  Get clear on your purpose deliberately each day.

2. Take Action & Increase Productivity Daily

Now that you are clear about why you do what you do, you must take your foot off the brakes.

You are so much more capable than you realise and the chances are, that you are not doing anywhere near as much as is possible for you to do even though you think you are.  It is time to step up your actions a whole lot.  Stop listening to the fears about being a workaholic – Do whatever you need to do to make your dreams a reality.  And when writing out those goals each and every day, make sure it is a full picture of what you want your whole life to look like so that your solid actions are all adding up to create a picture of a WHOLESOME life.

Stop trying to split your life into little boxes.  You, as a person, are not split up.  You are always you so your work is a part of that, your family is a part of you, there is no separation so do not falsely place separation where there need not be any.  And then, because you do, you allow guilt to become a part of your story because you think you are taking action in a bad way.  Again, this is another reason why you do not create the life and the business you want.

You have been taught separation.  All the movies depict the parent who was always working and lost sight of their children and partner and you have accepted it as truth.  It is not THE truth, it is just a truth for some.  It does not have to be for you unless you make it so. Instead, go back to step 1, and get clear again.  Question those beliefs and GET INTO ACTION.

To create an awesome life-experience, you will need to take a lot of action consistently in all areas of life.

Are you up for it?

a) Get clear on who your prospect it.

b) Figure out where to find them and what their burning issues are.

c) Put together a free giveaway that helps them solve one part of their issue.  Make it clear what it does.

d) Give it away in exchange for their contact details.

e) Stay in touch with them with inspiration, entertainment and education and ALWAYS make an offer.

f) Reinvest the money in finding more of your people.

g) Make the whole cycle predictable.

3. Wealth Creation & Acceleration

As you get past your own weird and wonderful ideas about what you want, what you are allowed to have, and what you will do to get it, you will find that you consistently start to help people.  You become a person of influence in your community.  People come to you knowing that you have something good on offer and so, you increase your wealth.  And as mentioned above, your wealth creation becomes predictable because you have focused in on supporting people rather than spending all that time and energy doubting yourself.

Wealth is an offshoot of being a person that supports others.  That is it.

The more people you serve, the more money you make.

You desire more money?  Serve more people.  Do the work to figure out how to get increasing numbers of people into your community.  And also, charge the right price for what you have on offer.

Do not be afraid to charge well for what you have and do not allow yourself to make judgements about what your people can afford or not.  People say all kinds of things about their money situation but then, in the next breath, will go off and buy something because it takes their fancy.  You and your business just need to be the thing that takes their fancy so figure out how to serve them so well, they cannot help but pay you.

Know your worth by doing the work in step 1 and then follow through by taking action as detailed in step 2 and see wealth accelerating into your life.

Try to be unemotional about it all.  Easier said than done, I know but understand there are certain laws of life and business that work all the time!  So, you do the work that you must do and see everything you want and desire coming to you.

And if you want the strategic steps to grow your business broken down clearly for you, pop on over to and grab the FREE business growth pack now.

It is time to fight for, to create the life, the business you want because you can.

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