Do you believe in what you are selling or don’t you?

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Do you believe in your product or not

People get into business for all kinds of reasons and some make it, most don’t and usually, it is to do with what is going on within each person.

YOU may have loved working for someone else and you may have loved the feeling that the product was ultimately not your own so you felt more at ease as you promoted it.

They (your employer) bore the brunt of any mistakes you made…

They bore the brunt of any issues the prospect had with the product or the service…

They were your fall back plan…

And now, you do not have a fall back plan – You are the fall back plan and you are not so sure that you like this. So in theory, you tell me that you love your product, you tell me that you are completely behind the service you have but when it comes to actually talking to people about it, you balk, you shirk and you do not get the sale.

And then you start to think you are not cut out for business.

What you are really saying at this point is that you do not believe fully in yourself and also you have been so conditioned into having other people telling you what to do and other people taking responsibility for your stuff and now you have forgotten how to be the leader you are wired up to be.

I used to be like this – Always wanting to be the follower and not the leader because the leader had to know more than I did. And I never seemed to be enough or know enough.

And frankly, deep inside I did not completely believe that I had what it took to lead myself, how much more anyone else!

And so I kept trying to find a way to support other people’s dreams and ideas and products/services even though there was a drive within me to succeed at my own thing, to do my own thing. I lived so long this way that even people that knew me thought I was not cut out to be in business.

So first, I had to prove to myself that I would not quit and that I would make a success of it. This was not too difficult as the truth is whenever I stick to something, it tends to end up successful.

You may read that and think that what I say is unique to me but really, take a look at your life? Have you ever really failed at anything you gave your full attention to? Really?

The things you got wrong were things that you were not committed to or things you thought you should not be doing – For instance, if you are struggling to make ends meet, is it because you have some crazy ideas about whether you are allowed to make money doing what you want to do?

The thing is that those ideas, whether subconscious or conscious, they ultimately lead to you not doing your best work and wondering why you continue to struggle.

However, when you look at the areas of your life and business where you are congruent, where you are clear inside and out about what you really want, you KNOW you always get it. You always make it happen because you determine to.

And when you really think about it, everything in your life currently is there because you have decided it will be there so if there is something you do not like, know you have the power to change it. You created it, so you can create something new.

So, when you talk to me about your fears in approaching people, your fears about making your business work, it makes me wonder what you really believe about yourself and your product. Unless we get to the root of that, you will always get in your own way when it comes to telling people about what you do.

Yesterday, a client of mine came into the Deliberate Millionaire group and told us about the fact that she had decided to recruit people into her business. She does not have masses of money at the moment so no advertising dollars available to her, but she decided to figure out a free way to get things done.

She used free Facebook methods to promote her business and within a few hours, she had THREE recruits into her business. I would love to say, it was all me but the truth is, I may have helped her to see what is possible for her but ultimately, she is the one doing the work and thinking outside the box and believing enough in herself and her product to put it out in the world and so she gets results.

Slowly, steadily, she is creating and designing her life the way she wants it. And it all starts with her believing enough in herself first to invest in her education and then to do the work trusting that it would give her the results she was working for.

 And it always does. The work always gives results. Always!

The problem is…what work are you doing? – Do you believe in it or not?

It is time to fight for, to create the life, the business you want and stop living the one you don’t and if you want to learn how to become the ‘go-to expert’ in a very crowded marketplace then join me in the DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE ASSEMBLY –

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