The world told you what you have to do to win…

You did it.

You shed blood and tears for it.

You do not feel like you won.

But it looks ok.

Others tell you to be happy with it.

But it does not feel good.

You feel like there could be more…

And so you go looking for another way that someone else tells you about…

And you try…

Hoping not to upset the old applecart that you fought long and hard for…

So you dabble at this and that, hoping that something will finally work in the way you want it to

Except you have not really taken the time to honour your own self

Because every time you look at what you truly desire, it seems impossible

No one can live successfully that way‘, you tell yourself as you ignore your own desires and go looking for other people’s markers of success…

And you feel like you are pushing and pushing and shoving and shoving

Yes, you pride yourself on being able to stay the course

But it does not feel good

It feels hard and you wonder if you will be able to maintain all this pushing and shoving until the result you hope for, finally comes…

And also, you wonder if you will have to keep this up when it finally comes, in order to keep the result…

There is a part of you that knows that if the journey is not sweet, the destination will not be sweet either but you just cannot trust enough to let go…

You are used to being the one who makes things happen

And yet, the still small voice inside seems to be calling you to let go and allow

What on earth does that even mean? you wonder…

You do not want to be one of those wishy-washy spiritual types who never accomplish anything

And yet, this path of ever-pushing is not much fun either.

What if it is true that you can actually have what you want, in the way you want it?

What if the whisper in your soul is leading you down your own unique path, a path that has not been done by anyone else?

Can you trust and stop resisting your own desires?

Can you trust that what you want is actually what you can have? IN EXACTLY THE WAY YOU WANT IT?

Can you stay on the narrow path to your own destiny, even if that narrow path feels really easy because it is what you want?

I know it seems crazy to think that you are resisting an easier path, but you are…

The problem for you is that you are taking your cues from the outer reality, instead of truly realising that you contain the power of the Divine within you and so, you can create the outer reality…

You are a powerful creator connected to the source of all things…


Stop resisting your own desires

Follow them through

It will be easier


It will demand a high level of courage because you will feel you are going against everything the world told you, works

But it is a faith walk, right?

As a spirit-driven soul, you walk by faith and not by sight, RIGHT?!

And come on now, you have already tried the sight walk and it does not feel good…

Why not allow yourself to create what you want, in the way you want it?

Supposing it really can be that easy.

What will it have to take for you to let go of trying to push yourself uphill against your own true design?

What do you really desire?

You really are free to prosper your own way.

Stop resisting

Start allowing.

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