We are caught up in a whirlwind of emotions on this planet.

It can feel so dense and we get carried down, down, DOWN into the denseness of it all.

We feel like we can not shift upwards to feel better.

A relationship breaks down and it feels like the end of the world.

You lose your job and you forget that you hated said job and this could be an opportunity for growth and instead, you feel impotent and depressed.

You have a health challenge and your mind is immediately allowed to take you to your final hours and you are SURE that this is final.

Your computer does not turn on as fast as you want it to and you are convinced that it is broken and you are going to die with debt as you try to replace it.

From little situations to HUGE ones, your emotions are up and down and up and down and it feels quite yuk most of the time.

And all the while that you are getting taken over by these feelings and emotions, you are giving energy to things that you do not want and so you get more and more convinced that your life is terrible and there is nothing you can do to fix it EVER!

Honey, you get to choose how you feel.

Nothing external makes you feel anything.


And please do understand that your feelings are powerful energy. They can be used to deliberately design the life you want or you can allow them to run rampant and create the life you do not want.

Make a commitment today to get aware of your feelings and decide if you do want to stay with that feeling.

You get to choose how you feel. It really is within your power.

Little by little, you will get better at it.

Practise, practise, practise.

Your prosperity is worth it, my love!

Have you noticed that you are more productive and creative when you feel happier?

Choose to feel happier.

CHOOSE AGAIN AND AGAIN not to be controlled by outer circumstances.

No, I do not say pretend nothing is wrong – Heal what needs to be healed.

But how you feel about it all, is really up to you.


Much Amazing Love

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