Sitting in the car on my way to drop off the children, the radio was on to the current breakfast show.  In the UK, today is the ‘Children in Need’ day so everyone for the last few weeks has been doing all manner of fund raising for today.  There is a huge television program on in the evening to entertain and inform the nation as well as encourage further donations.  It is a noble cause and also a national event so pretty amazing really.  I always enjoyed watching the program with Sir Terry Wogan and changing female presenters.   However we have packed in regular television so have not watched it for a few years.

Anyway, back to the point – On the breakfast show, a guy (whose name I did not catch) gave the ‘pause for thought’ for today and it inspired me greatly.  The guy promotes ‘Spirituality in the workplace’ – another noble cause really. This is the essence of what he said…

‘It is not for you to complete the task but neither are you free to walk away from it and neither should you not start it’

I loved this because so many times, I have not started a project because it seems too large for the likes of me.  There are all manner of reasons why I cannot do this, so then I talk myself out of it only to come back to the very same thing wishing I had just given it a go as I would be a lot further along the path had I tried earlier.

What of you?  Are there things you wish you could do but are too afraid to try?

In the spirit of giving to ‘Children in Need’, people can very easily say there is no point as it is not going to make that big a difference to anyone.  The truth is if it makes a difference even to one child then surely that is a big enough difference.

In the context of each of our lives, think of things you wish you could do.  Do not immediately listen to yourself telling yourself why it cannot be done by you.  Instead, spend some time listening to the more quiet voice within you that is creative and inspiring.  Listen to that voice tell you how you could make a start, even a little start.  Listen to the voice telling you who to speak to about it, maybe someone else has more insight than you on how to make your dreams a reality.

So what if you cannot see how you will get to the end, sometimes just taking that first step allows you to see a bit more of the process that may not be clear to you at present.  Maybe, you will not complete the task, but there will be others behind you who can then carry on what you have begun.

Do not give up something even before you have started.  Too many people do that, do not join in their numbers.  Join me instead on this journey of living live fully, living life deliberately, and choosing the direction of my life.

Let us keep on, keeping on.

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