A few days ago, one of the princesses mentioned to a family friend that she wants to fly first class to America…

This person went on to mention to her that it was ridiculously expensive and gave her the impression that it would be a waste of money.

So, in that moment, she started to think she needed to downgrade her expectations.

Thankfully, I caught this conversation and I immediately jumped in to tell her that she could choose to create any experience of life that she desired.

And later on, a more thorough conversation was had…

I explained that it mattered not if everyone around her thought her to be frivolous for desiring the things she wanted…

I explained that there will be many to tell her that her desires are ridiculous or too big or too whatever

But really it was simply a reflection of their own experience of life

They had decided that they could not have what they wanted and now, they had decided that no one else could either.

And ultimately, I told her never to count herself out of any experience of life


And I tell you the same.

What do you desire?

As I said recently, your desires are sacred.

Maybe when you read that post, you still told yourself that only the more ‘holy’ sounding desires were acceptable and you tried again to fit your flamboyant self into a little white box.

Well, let me tell you again that you can choose to design a life where flying first class is your normal

I am choosing that.

You can choose a life where you never want to retire because you are only doing things that you desire to do and creating wealth at it.

I am choosing that.

You can choose a life where anything and everything you desire is possible

I am choosing that.

I refuse to filter anymore

It is boring to live a life based on past experience…

I choose to deliberately design a life of wonder and new experiences where anything can happen.

And I know that for the most part, this person speaking to my daughter meant well and also wanted to save her disappointment, if her biggest desires did not come to pass but NO!


Yes, it might seem easier on the face of it to settle for a ‘less-than’ life because most are too scared to hold on for the bigger things and they are so caught up in the daily trials that they begin to think that there is no room for dreams as well!

But I reject that.

I decide NEVER to deny myself any experience

I decide to do the internal work and the external work to create whatever I desire

I decide to sit in the tension of not yet having the physical manifestation without it having to mean that I will NEVER have it!

I decide to fully believe that my desires are sacred, planted in me by the Divine

I decide to fully believe that my vision is my permission

And I stay on the Deliberate Millionaire Path to Peace & plenty until I experience every single thing I desire

I am powerful co-creator of an amazing life


If you decide to be.

Will you decide?

The whole universe awaits your awakening with baited breath – Will you deliberately design a life you adore?

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Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight

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