You, like many of my clients, are the lovely person who lays down your life, day in, day out for other people…

You love them

You want them to be happy

You feel responsible for them

You feel like you can handle more than they can

And so, time and time again, you lay down your own agenda to help them reach theirs…

And so when it comes to fulfilling the visions and dreams within you, you wonder if you are being selfish to go full pelt after them

And maybe even a little deluded for thinking that you could create all that

Even though you have created a good life already

When it comes to the life of your dreams, you doubt yourself

You doubt that you are truly hearing the Divine whispering within you that you are born for greater things

And so you put your dream back on the shelf and keep pushing forward into a life that does not excite you

I did that for a long time as I contemplated life as a pharmacist FOREVER (YUK!)

My clients did it too

The non-exciting life is functional, right?

It works well enough

It is what is expected of you

But the whisper within does not go away

And so you dabble a bit here and there

Try a few things out on the people around you who look like they could use your help

But they do not appreciate it and you take that to mean that your vision is not worth much and should only be pursued in your non-existent spare time

And so you continue to hold back

Longing for more

But believing for less

And so, because belief always wins, you get what you expect – NOT MUCH AT ALL

By other people’s standards, you are doing well BUT YOU KNOW there is more possible for you

You know you have not even scratched the surface of what you want to create in this life


Do it because you deserve true happiness and prosperity and joy

Do it because it is the only way you will ever be fulfilled

Do it because you need to be free: Free of having to do things you do not want to do, free of the expectations of others around you, FREE to fully discover all of you.

DO IT FOR YOU, my love!

I see you on the ledge, wondering if you can take the leap

Feeling called by the still small voice within you to DO IT!

I see you looking back at all the people you think need you and wondering if you can just do your own thing and how will they take it?

I know you care so much for others


Are you loving yourself by continually choosing to lay your life down?

I know you think this is the spiritual thing to do but it is not.

It does not earn you brownie points in the afterlife to refuse to live to your TRUE DESIGN in this life

There is no happy ending to an unhappy journey


So, please, DO IT FOR YOU

Wake up

Get clear on your life’s purpose

And start pursuing it

As a kind-hearted person, you know that as you begin to truly win at life, you will be of even greater support to those around you

So please, stop using them as an excuse not to live your own life.


Your people, the ones you are ACTUALLY called to serve, are waiting for you

Serving them will make you so happy, I cannot even begin to tell you how awesome it feels to be doing the work you are truly called to do.

It may seem selfish to transition out of your current situation but actually, it is not.

In living to your TRUE DESIGN, you get to change more lives, impact more people and ALSO, create more prosperity for you and for yours.


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Much Amazing Love

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