Would You Like Me To Get Your Whole Business Set Up For You, Online?

Accepting Customers, Completely Live In 7 Days Or Less!

Your Own 6 Figure Online Business Set Up, Functional, With the Coaching, Training & Accountability To Ensure You Succeed

You are born for more

Born to fulfil a major calling…

You have always known that you are different

Tried hard to fit in and yet, always felt a little on the outside looking in…

Are you ready for that to be over?

You know you want financial independence!  You are tired of living from paycheck to paycheck when you know there is a world to explore and you want it all.

It is not that you are not successful.  YOU ARE!  but it is not as great as they said it would be!

And things are just not levelling up as fast as you would like them to and so you feel stuck and trapped.

People look at you and think that you have it all together but there is a burning inside of you that wants more, much more.

You keep trying to commit to the work that you know needs to happen but it just ain’t happening!  There is always some drama or the other that you cannot seem to escape from.  And of course, you are a leader in your real life and people have so many demands on you!

You just cannot seem to find the time to build out the business you dream of creating.

How would it feel to have your business built for you?

Work with me, one-on-one, for 12 months to share your voice boldly, grow your perfect audience and launch or ramp up your business, and set up multiple streams of income that takes you to $10k plus per month fast, doing what you love.

This is hands down, the MOST intensive ‘step-by-step’ private mentoring program I have ever created and I will be helping you PERSONALLY (1 on 1) the whole way through it.

  1. Attract your ideal audience now
  2. Start selling to them from day 1
  3. Set up repeat sales and recurring income
  4. Ongoing support and mindset shifts
  5. Freedom in all areas of life
  6. Results are guaranteed if you do what we agree on you doing
  7. Learn how to do the work even when you do not FEEL LIKE doing the work
  8. Eliminate limiting beliefs and get to impacting more people and making more money
  9. Get complete, crystal clear clarity around your vision and what it will take to get there
  10. Get into a daily journal-ing habit and learn how to write your life into existence
  11. Checklists, training programs everything you need to succeed.
  12. Money habits to get you focused on increasing the income you receive daily
  13. Your Social Media Managed
  14. My personal eye looking over, and setting up and managing your Facebook advertising for the duration of the program, showing you how to do it as well as we go.

If you know that your message matters…

If you are ready to coach, teach, heal, counsel the people you are called to impact…

If you are just DONE with any nonsense about not being able to do the work, then keep reading and I will break the whole thing down for you.


How is it all delivered?

  • Weekly (sometimes more) phone/skype calls lasting from 5 – 30 minutes maximum.
  • There will be times when we speak to each other VERY regularly (daily at times) to ensure you are moving forward consistently
    This kind of accountability is not usual in the coaching industry but it works.You get results FAST!

    These calls may drop off to weekly calls as we do not need them any longer towards the end of the program or not… It is individual to each person.

  • Full Access – For the duration of our work together, you get full access to all the programs I do and have done.
    • Business Hero Bootcamp
    • Relentless Sexy Sales
    • Mindset of a Leader
    • Empowered To Win
    • Power of Decision
    • Pray Affirm Receive
    • 5k Sales Machine
    • Build My List Now
    • People Please No More
    • Eagle Vision
    • Overcome Procrastination
    • Facebook Advanced Training
    • Access to The Deliberate Millionaire Fast Track Club
    • Email marketing Program
    • Brain Training For Deliberate Millionaires
    • Confident Creative Money Maker
    • Turn $10 into $11, $15, $50 or more – FB Advertising
    • Goal Mastery
    • And many, many others!
  • You also get unlimited access to me in between the calls, if you need it. I will create whatever training you need to move forward, as well.
  • If not done already, you will go through Spirit Sex Success Program in the first 4 weeks of our work together so that we reset your mindset and put you on the path to creating the impact and the wealth you desire. (https://rosemarynonnyknight.com/spiritsexsuccess)
  • You will need to commit to a minimum $10 in adverts each business day on Facebook so we can get to building your audience fast.
  • Technical support will be provided – Some during our calls, some in between – It will be offered on a case-by-case basis or you will be asked to get support from trusted people I suggest.
  • Virtual assistant support – this can be used for content creation, social media sharing and much more. As we do our daily calls, together we will figure out what you need to keep moving you forward.
  • An initial 3-4 hour one on one session will be offered to really hash you and your business out before we begin properly so that we have a ‘$10k plus per month’ plan to work towards. We will also begin the process of handling any fears that arise as you face the realization of your dreams! As soon as your investment is made, I will be in touch to arrange this. Please do email me your telephone number if I do not have it.


Needless to say, this will be fairly intense and yet the results will be astounding. It will be pretty awesome to see what you are capable of when you take off the brakes.

Usually, the people I work with on this program will have a service-oriented business (Or be about to start one) where you have a message of transformation and you now want to get it out in full. You have real experience of doing a particular thing that you now want to take online.

You want to do work that you love and I will guide you towards making a living at it as well.

You will probably be doing some coaching, teaching, speaking, inspiring, healing, counseling (or be about to start)…

You will want to monetize your skill by creating digital products to deliver personally or to sell from your website…

It may be also be art that you want to promote or writing books…

You may also be transitioning from another business or career

Or you may already be in business but kinda stagnant

This program will give you momentum like nothing before ever could…

You know you are born for more and you are now willing to do whatever it takes to get it.

You work hard and you are also willing to do the internal work to get sorted and shifted form inside out.

You so want the freedom that an online business produces and you are ready now to see results.

This program is only for serious people.

You must be willing to face fears and do whatever it takes to move your business forward.

You must have big ideas about impacting people and allowing yourself to make lots of money.

You must be teachable.

You must be willing to have fun with this – It is hard work but it is also a game to be played (and won!)

You must be willing to question your limitations and do whatever it takes to push forward and create the life and the business you want.

What is the investment?

Working with me one-on-one for the next 2 people I am calling in at this time will be $30,000 for the 12 months (Instalments are available)


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