I am going to come right out and say it – I AM SOOOO EXCITED!  

So very excited about this! We are going LIVE! And you are invited!  

This is the MOST Profitable & Life-Changing Event You Will Attend All Year!  

Tell me…  

🔴 Are you frustrated with your progress in business so far?  

🔴 Are you struggling with procrastination, self-doubt and over-analysis?  

You want to get your business off the ground…  

You want to coach, counsel, heal, speak, inspire OR  

You have art, music, books, products that you want to promote using online marketing and yet…  

You just can’t figure out exactly what to do, how to begin, and how to move from dabble phase to 'massive action, money making, freedom-generating' phase.  

It is not that you have not created success in other areas… YOU HAVE!  

And yet, when it comes to this thing… This online business concept, you just feel stuck, overwhelmed with all the things you COULD do and you end up doing not much at all. There seem to be so many things, so many moving parts and you are unsure, uncertain and it feels easier to stick with what you know but...  


You know you are a leader called to IMPACT LOTS OF PEOPLE and of course, you want to MAKE LOADS OF MONEY while doing it, right? Yes, you feel a little uncertain as to whether you are allowed to make the money from making the difference and so, you hold back a little...  

But there is a part of you that chooses to believe it really is possible to make money doing what you love and you are willing to do what it takes to make it so...  

All you need is a clear business plan that works!  

Well, honey, you are in the right place because this is FOR YOU!  

DM Live is EXACTLY what you need to quickly get clear on what EXACT actions you need to take to increase your impact and increase your income, online, FAST!

AND IT IS HAPPENING ON Saturday, 11th January! Wolverhampton,West Midlands, UK!

This is for current entrepreneurs or professionals transitioning to their own online business  

You will walk out of the room with...  

a. Ideal Customer Clarity - crystal clear clarity on who your person is and what they want so that you are able to communicate with them in a way that means you are speaking directly to their wants and needs & they buy into you by buying your stuff  

b. List Growth Plan - Did you know that you could make a $1 per person on your mailing list? Imagine you had 5k on the list, or 10k or more! Is your list growing every single day? Do you even have one? At DM Live, I will show you exactly what to do to grow your list rapidly.  

c. Make Money Plan - Walk out with a completed business income plan and also discover how to automate the selling of your products to your mailing list so that you make online sales each and every day. Passive income at its best!  

And in addition, we will cover...  

d. Mindset Management - How to handle your fears, limiting beliefs and the internal resistance that ALL successful entrepreneurs face - This will cover sexuality, lack programming, money mindset, spirituality and much much more!  

e. The exact mindset strategies I used to get me out of my £50k pharmacist career, replace my income and get me into a business doing what I love and GETTING PAID FOR IT!  

f. The Sales Letter Formula - How To Write Sales Letters That Get People To Pull Out Their Wallets & Buy!  

g. The 90 Minute Plan Live - How To Grow Your Business Online In Just 90 Minutes A Day  

h. DM Clarity Formula - How to go from having so many ideas with no follow through to clearly converting some of those ideas to cash.  

i. Social Media Domination: How to grow a Facebook page with your ideal customers to 50000 and beyond using both free and paid strategies.

DAY: Saturday, 11th January 

PLACE: Wolverhampton, West Midlands, WV4, UK - Exact Address To Be Provided When Ticket Bought

TIME: 10am to 2pm (ish)

There will be a workbook to take away with you so that you record your personalised plan, ready to implement the moment you open up that laptop!


1) USE PAYPAL - £47



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DM Live
DM Live

Hey, I am Rosemary Nonny Knight and I used to be a pharmacist working 60- 80 hours a week doing work that paid the bills and made me 'look' successful but did not fulfill me.  

Yes, the money was great but I knew I was called to more and frankly, I do not do well when people tell me what to do, when to do it and how much I am worth!

So finally, after hitting rockbottom under the crushing weight of debt, bankruptcy and depression, I woke up to the fact that I did have a choice.  

I made my decision and everything started to change.  

Within about 18 months, I was out of pharmacy, in my own profitable business! Even though for years I had dabbled and planned and thought about it.  

I had started, stopped, started, stopped and restarted MANY a business idea and finally, FINALLY, it all changed...  

And you might read that as some kind of ‘get rich quick’ nonsensical story but I can tell you right now that those 18 months were THE HARDEST months I have ever experienced. Some might try to paint it all in some glorious light of joy and happiness all the way but I am not that person.  

I tell you like it is.  

And I ask you to join me on the narrow path because the work we are called to do, the impact we want to have, the income we want to create does not come to everyone willy-nilly.  

It only comes to the most determined, the most deliberate and that is where the name “DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE” came from…

Of everything that I had to defeat in my quest for success, my passivity was the hardest to get past…  

I could go into the whole long sad story here but the truth is, that will not help you! What will help is learning what I did to get past it, to triumph over sad, sorry circumstances, to begin designing life and business on my terms...  

Because, honey, I see you…  

I see you doing what I used to do when I dabbled and procrastinated and it is time for something to change!  

It is time for both the internal clarity and the external action to combine powerfully AND deliberately to quickly increase your income and impact online!  

Come Set Up Your 6 Figure 'Loving Your Life' Business In Wolverhampton At The Most Transformational Event For Entrepreneurs!

If you have a big dream of doing something monumental in business so that you can deliberately design the life of freedom, lifestyle and money you want without having to conform, capitulate or continue to life a boring and trapped life as someone you are not, then join me for DM LIVE and you will leave with a money plan that works to increase your income and impact faster online without all the procrastination, self doubt and distraction. 

Register Now by scrolling up and choosing one of the options to make your investment. There are only 8 spots as I want to keep this intimate and in-house so act fast, if you want in.


I am blown away by the amount of knowledge, information and the content Rosemary passed on in such a small amount of time, in such a friendly approachable manner. All questions answered, a wealth of information and an opportunity not to be missed. So glad I attended.  


I really enjoyed the day - The energy in the room was electric. The structure was easy to follow and Rosemary's genuine personality came across and the information provided was invaluable. Fantastic day. Thank you very much  


Informative, presented well, excited and kept me engaged. Gave me lots of things to think about. It was not overwhelming - Very simple and easy to digest. Questions were answered fully and informatively. I now feel confident enough to go and try it without fear of failure.  


I now feel like I know how to put my idea into practice - Everyone was involved and it was not just Rosemary talking at us.  


The event was excellent! Rosemary and the participants in the room were very friendly, insightful and had a powerful aura about them. this has definitely expanded my mindset and ideas about online marketing. Overall, I would definitely attend this event again!  


It was a great day and I learnt loads. More than anything, it spurred me on to do stuff that I know I should have been doing in my law practice. It also gave me some tools, insights that I did not have which I will now be working on.  


Passionate speaker providing motivation in abundance. Course content which covers the grass-roots of business development and provides a platform to implement expansion regardless of a person's chosen profession. Warm and welcoming atmosphere and an enjoyable and productive experience. Engaging without being intimidating. A thoroughly recommended insight into the world of online marketing and business growth. PT