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You are someone who wants more than the average person…

You dream bigger than everyone you know…

You want to change more lives…

You want to make more money…

And You KNOW it is your birthright to get it all!

And yet for whatever reason, you are just not getting there.

And it is not for lack of trying…

You work HARD and life has certainly not be easy by any stretch of the imagination and yet, you always seem to fall a little short of the mark you set for yourself.

You have lots of wins because you are a LEADER and you are very PURPOSE-DRIVEN but when it comes to the things you deeply desire, the things you dream about… you seem to pull back, you doubt yourself, you wait for the voice from heaven, the approval from those around you…

You hide and you conform…



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Leader! you are in the right place…

Introducing… The Deliberate Millionaire Fast Track Club (DM)…

This is THE ELITE membership club for entrepreneurial leaders who want to create an incredible income while impacting lots of people and doing ONLY what you want.

If you know you could benefit from the daily support, wisdom and personalised ‘how-to’ as well as ‘WHAT TO DO’ from a mentor that has walked the walk, fought the battles and who can save you time, money, effort and help you reach your biggest income and impact goals FAST then YES! this is the program for you!


It is a month to month membership program. You can leave anytime or stay forever if you are absolutely committed to massive results in your business… And here is what you get as a member…

  • The focus is on the GROUP. This is where you connect with other purpose-driven, powerful leaders who are determined to change lives and create wealth. This is where the magic happens. Get stuck in and see how your mind opens up and your life and bank account uplevel.
  • In addition to that, you get access to an ever-increasing marketing, sales, entrepreneurial mindset library (detailed below)
  • ONE monthly live group coaching call where you can get all your questions answered
  • DAILY motivational/ Strategic Livestream within the group so that you do not give in to overwhelm and uncertainty and you also learn EXACTLY what you need to do to increase your income – You are motivated daily to stand tall and get results…
  • DAILY access to me in the group to get even more questions answered and keep you clear and moving forward. This is not one of those groups where the founder never shows up. Every day, I am in there talking back, answering questions, giving ideas, doing training videos (if required)
  • DAILY accountability Check In ( This is very transformational so do it)
  • 10% of all subscriptions go to MicroLoan Foundation to support women in Africa to get their own business off the ground. Join us as we change lives together as a group!
  • There is a business concierge service where you can get certain business services like help with content creation, social media updating, spreading your message to other platforms, putting together a simple wordpress site and so on at a discounted price.
The Business Hero BootcampWould you like to know, to ABSOLUTELY know exactly what you need to do each day to get your business or idea creating wealth for you in a way that suits you?

Would you like a step-by-step plan that takes you from business zero to business hero in a matter of 49 days?

Find out more here
Business Hero Bootcamp
People Please No More - How to Stop Being a People Pleaser & Start Making Money Doing What You Want to do in Your Own BusinessYou could wake up each day, knowing that you are only going to do things that make YOU happy, content and fulfilled. You could go to bed feeling at peace with the world, knowing that you, being you, is more than enough.

And yet, this is not the life you are living at the moment, is it?

Right now, you find yourself holding back, hiding your light, being less than you know you are capable of…

And all because, you know that ‘that’ someone is likely to think something negative of you if you just do all the things that you really want to...

Find out more here about how to no longer care about the opinions of others.
People please no more
Build My List NowDid you know that unless you have a mailing list, then you are leaving money on the table?

Did you know that unless that list is growing each and every day, your pool of prospects is growing smaller and smaller each day and the chances are that it is only a matter of time before you have no business at all.

Your mailing list is your true asset.

This is where most of your profits are going to come from, as you stay in touch with people who are interested in hearing from you.

Find out more here about how to build that list.
Build My List Now
Overcome Procrastination - The Warrior WayWhere could you be now if you had started building your business without delay, without doubt, without procrastination?

How much more money would you have created?

How much more confident would you be?

How much more time could you have spent doing things you love?

How much further could you have gone if you had just followed through and taken action?

Find out more here how to overcome procrastination.
Overcome Procrastination
Email Marketing the Warrior WaySo, you are building a list, would you like to create email campaigns that increase your wealth day in, day out, whether you are asleep or awake because it is all automated to sell on your behalf?

Would you like to put in the work once and enjoy the benefits for the lifetime of your product/service/book/music?

Find Out More Here
Email Marketing
Let's Dig Deep Into FacebookAre you struggling to get people to pay you any attention on Facebook?

Are you frustrated because there is a great number of people selling exactly what you are and you wonder how to stand out and get more customers into your business?

Everyone seems to be using it and logically, it seems to be the best place to connect with your audience, after all, there are over a billion people on the platform so surely, you can find a few customers, right?

Introducing ‘Facebook! – The DM’s Path To A Bigger Audience, More Engagement, More Customers, Sales & Profits’

In this training, I am going to start from scratch and show you exactly how to use Facebook even if you have never been comfortable with it before.

Find Out More Here
Facebook Training
Master Your Money - A Foolproof Way to Put Cold Hard Cash Into Your Bank AccountWhat if I told you that you could live life however you want to, doing whatever you like? Would you believe me?

And if you did not believe me, what would you think the obstacle was?

Would you think of money?

Would you think of all the money you do not quite have, that gets in the way of you doing the stuff you would really like to do?

Or maybe you would think of how you do not want to lose the money you have worked so hard for, to go after what feels like a pipe dream?

And you could join me on this 30 day Adventure –

Find Out More About Master Your Money – The Foolproof way to put cold hard cash into your bank account, grow your business and create wealth that lasts even if you never EVER seem to have enough at the moment!
master money
Wake Up To Your Purpose - Create Wealth Doing Exactly What You LoveDo You Feel Like You Have No Idea Of What You Want To Do Or Become?

Are you frustrated because you just do not know what you should be doing with your life?

You know there is more but when it comes to figuring out the nitty-gritty-detail, you just cannot settle on anything that will make you feel complete and whole.

Find out more here.
Wake Up To Your Purpose
Turn What You Know Into Wealth - Online Wealth Creation in 90 Mins A DayDiscover How To Take What You Know – Your Skills, Experience, Story – And Create A Profitable Online Business In Just 90 Minutes A Day!

You have done lots of things…

You have experienced a lot of stuff…

You have serious skills (or you are willing to sharpen them) at something that other people struggle with…

You have a story to tell that will help others…

And now, you wonder if what you know is of value to anyone else.

Actually, no, scratch that! You KNOW THAT what you have is of value to people, what you don’t know is whether they are willing to pay you to learn it, to listen in, to be inspired, to have their lives changed.

And there is also a little voice in the back of your head that is not convinced you have what it takes to make it happen...

Find Out More Here
Turn what you know into wealth
Goal Mastery - How to Deliberately Turn Your Big Dreams Into Reality Faster Than Ever BeforeHow would it feel to set big goals that you actually go on to achieve?

What if you became someone with the midas touch? Not that everything turned to gold but you became someone who made things happen! People looked at you and wondered how you managed to do so much, how you were so productive and how they could be the same.

How different would life be? No more would you start the year with lots of resolutions and hopes and get to the end of the year with nothing to show for it. No, you would decide what you wanted and you would make it happen.

How cool would that be?

Find out more here
Goal Mastery cropped
The Fearless Warrior - A Ten Day Breakthrough Program for People Ready to Make Money, Live Life & Build Business More CourageouslyWhat would you do if you were not afraid?

Maybe you would be building a super successful business that supported you and your family and enabled you to be completely who you are without giving up your ideals…

Maybe you would be in a relationship that built you up and made you feel even more empowered than you are already – You would speak your mind with no fears about whether your partner would be able to take it or not and you would only allow yourself to be treated in a respectful way.

Maybe, you would have an intimate relationship with your Creator without thinking He/She had anything against you.

Everyday you would step into the world courageously creating an amazing life experience, enhancing the lives of people around you and ultimately changing the world because you are finally letting your light shine, rather than hiding behind your products or service or just plain hiding…

Are you ready to live a more fearless life?
The Fearless Warrior
Eagle Vision - 4 Weeks to Set Your Target for WealthSo, tell me, have you struggled so far to get the traction your business needs to take off?

Are you frustrated with your lack of focus and also a lack of buying customers, clients, recruits in your business?

Then this bootcamp is exactly what you need to kickstart and ramp up your next 28 days…

Find Out More Here
eagle vision
Revolution - 21 day online bootcamp for leaders who want to build an audience, generate leads, impact people and make moneyCALLING ALL LEADERS! Here’s How To Use YOUR Words To Make Money & Make A Difference!

Find Out More Here

The DM is THE place where leaders come to THRIVE!

It is THE place where leaders come to create space for their purpose, for their calling to become a reality…

Come into the group, partake in the training and the daily check-ins and the monthly call and create space for a new reality!

And as a special bonus this month, You jump on 1 live one-on-one ‘More Wealth, More Impact’ consult with me (Valued at $500) where I will help you map out EXACTLY what you need to do to go from wherever you are now to making the money and changing the lives you want to change…

This happens in week 5 when you decide you like what you see…

And just so you can experience the awesomeness of the Club, you get a month for just $7…


If you are a leader who, deep down, has a BIG DREAM to do something powerful in life and business so that you can change a lot of lives AND enjoy the freedom, lifestyle, money you want without having to conform, capitulate or continue to live a boring and trapped life as someone you are not, then work with me in the Deliberate Millionaire Fast Track Business Mastermind and I will show you how you can achieve every single thing you dream of – Make the difference AND make the fortune while being YOU!

Join In Now!

$7 Trial Month Only available here – Do NOT Delay!
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rosemary nonny knightHi, My name is Rosemary Nonny Knight and I am the creator of the Deliberate Millionaire Fast Track Club. It was created because, for the longest time, I lived life passively. Waiting, hoping, begging, pleading for my life to begin and I called it prayer! I KNEW I was called to do something more with my life but I just could not figure out how that was ever going to be possible.

And, please don’t get me wrong, I was no weakling!

I was a pharmacist…

Earning great money…

I owned a house, two cars, had a cleaner and by all accounts I had it made. I was far away from my origins and I was supposedly doing well apart from this feeling inside of me that there was more to me than this.

I knew I was called to impact more people and so I did my little thing here and there at the weekends and on any evening I could spare. I had people living with me and so on but I knew that I was still not fulfilling my full potential.

And finally it took me going bankrupt…

It took me getting depressed for the 4 years following this devastating (to me, at least) event…

And finally, waking up to the realisation that if I wanted something to be different then I had to get pretty darned deliberate about making it happen.

I am a winner :-DAt this point, I had 3 princesses and the return to work was just not an option and frankly, I had always known I was born to be more than a pharmacist so I finally built up a business that replaced my full time income, won myself a Porsche boxster and got myself free of my career.

I say that all in one sentence but I assure you, it was much harder than that looks!

I worked my butt off, cried many tears and wondered if I would ever make it…

But I did…

I made it…

And so can you!


And TODAY is the day you step fully into that role!


The Deliberate MillionaireIf you are going to do the work you are born to do in this one lifetime you have, then you must realise that this whole ‘playing coy’ thing is just a waste of irreplaceable time.


If you are a leader who, deep down, has a BIG DREAM to do something powerful in life and business so that you can change a lot of lives AND enjoy the freedom, lifestyle, money you want without having to conform, capitulate or continue to live a boring and trapped life as someone you are not then work with me in the Deliberate Millionaire Fast Track Business Mastermind and I will show you how you can achieve every single thing you dream of – Make the difference AND make the fortune while being YOU!

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Yes, RosemaryLet Me In!!

Life is not a rehearsal. Stop putting things off. Step up and claim all that you want! 196

“Rosemary N Knight Mum in business coached me for 4 hours and I went out and did it. I had this fear of ‘what if it does not work’ which she helped me to break. She is awesome. Those of you who want to do business but have worries about the unknown, I strongly recommend her is you want to succeed quickly.”

Stella M

Rosemary is very enthusiastic, motivational and has a wide range of tools, techniques and strategies to offer. She has helped me to improve both my confidence and my work/life balance with a very varied range of techniques. As a busy entrepreneur, running the daily activities of my business is a full-time undertaking. There is little time available to focus on growth and development – key components of a successful business. I realised I needed help when my lists were getting longer and most of my work time was spent feeling overwhelmed. When I joined Rosemary’s coaching programme, Rosemary instantly understood what I was going through. She is very perceptive and able to identify the kind of person I am, what drives me forward and how I learn best. She was very good at helping me to see the benefits of a better life/work balance and gave me the tools to make the necessary changes. She invited me to try out a number of exercises, both practical and mental, which I found to be really useful and effective. I came away from my sessions with Rosemary feeling energised and focussed and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone in a similar situation to my own.

Raj, Choice Lets

The Deliberate MillionaireWorking with coach Rosemary I have truly become a Wealthy Warrior. I have always struggled talking money and asking for pay increases. Rosemary has taught me how to get what I deserve. Through her coaching I was able to get over a $20k increase in salary. Thanks to her work I continue to conquer each day as a Wealthy Warrior!

Elizabeth, Fathom Delivers

I was drawn to Rosemary some time ago and followed her from a distance for a while, dipping my toe in the water but not daring to dive in. I bought a couple of courses but didn’t really complete them. Then I joined the Deliberate Millionaire Gold Fasttrack Group which is amazing and so supportive, I wouldn’t be without it now. But it was the one on one coaching that really gave me the final push I needed to change everything wrong in my life and my work. As a result things are so different for me. I can’t believe it, it seems unreal, like I’ve just been given the key to another world! Wow! Rosemary has helped me finally make the changes and to excel at being me! Something that many have tried to do and failed! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! In fact however many times I thank her it would never be enough!!

Susan, Professional Life Coach & NLP Practitioner

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