I see you…


It is like you are standing behind a wall that you constructed…

A wall that keeps you from all your good

And you are standing there, peeking over the wall, staring around the wall…

Checking to see if it is okay to come out from behind the wall

But just as you begin to get the courage to come on out and accept the prosperity that is waiting for you…

You get drawn back into drama

Your regular life

Your regular circumstances

And you go back there so willingly because it is normal

It is normal for you to feel stressed out

It is normal for you to struggle alone

It is normal for you to have just enough to get by

Sometimes, MUCH LESS than enough but you are used to figuring out how to keep going

You have heard the sermons…

You believe kinda that there is another way to live

That there is an easier way

A more fulfilling way

A more passion-fuelled way

A more financially prosperous way

A more love-filled way

A more FREEDOM way to live…

You kinda believe it

But it has not been your experience

You have worked hard for every single little thing in your life

You have been hurt too many times

You wonder if it is too late for you

And so though you look around the fence and get this little inkling that things could be different…

You stay on your drama-filled side of the fence

And you keep up the struggle.


My heart hurts as I see you…

I know what is possible for you if you will dare to come out from behind that fence and then use the same energy that you use to maintain a life you do not love, to now create a life that you do love…

No, I am not saying there will be nothing to do on this side of the fence…

There is physical work to be done, for sure

But it feels better because you are doing the things you want to do

There is mental work to be done too

And this is what you keep avoiding…

Actually, you are also scared of the physical work because you have been trained to believe that work always feels YUK

And I guess it does, when you are doing things you do not want to do

It used to feel YUK to me when I was a pharmacist so I understand…

But on this side of the fence, where you are listening to the Divine, following those intuitive nudges, keeping your mind on the prize…


So VERY different

Yes there will be a transition phase where you learn to allow it to be easy

But once through that…

Your whole life changes


Because prosperity is your divine right

Life in all its fullness is yours for the taking

You have just got to come get it!

And then DARE TO STAY ON THE NARROW PATH until you have claimed it.

There is a time to plant a seed

A time to water a seed

And then time passes and you reap the harvest as the Divine brings the increase.

But you keep running from the process before it has time to work

And so you plant the seed

You pull it up

You find the courage to plant again

And then you pull it up again

And each time you do that, you feel like maybe it is all a fantasy, a delusion and you retreat back into drama and craziness and tell yourself to be happy with it.

But there is this longing

And so you keep looking around the fence

Wondering if maybe you missed something


Just come on over


It is yours

Nothing is held back from you

You simply need to learn to receive it

Will you please come out of hiding?

Will you please break down the stupid wall?

Will you please come on over into your promised land?

Will you please trust that the Divine really does have your back?

Will you please get DELIBERATE about the design of your life?

Will you please remember just how powerful you are?


Please stop playing the small game

Stop getting distracted and come on over.

How, Rosemary, How?

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Much Amazing Love

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