Distractions are everywhere

And they do not always look like distractions.

Most of the time, they are things you consider to be really important and urgent and ONLY YOU can handle it

It will be the people in your life – ALMOST ALWAYS!

They will pull you off path though this can only happen if you let it happen.

The problem for you is that you truly think you have no choice – you HAVE to do it, right? It is the kind, good, righteous thing to do, right?

But if you look more deeply into the ‘WHY’ of your actions then you begin to see that it is also because it is the EXPECTED thing to do.

And deeper even than that, you realise it is because you want to look good.

You may argue with me because it is the ‘RIGHT’ thing to do but I ask you, who told you what the ‘RIGHT’ thing to do, was? and when last did you check in with yourself as to whether you still TRULY agree with what is ‘RIGHT’?

And also, why is it so ‘RIGHT’ for you to take care of everyone else’s needs and wants but to ignore your own needs and wants?

Why is EVERYONE ELSE more important than YOU?

Are you not all equally human?

Ultimately, this is YOUR life and whatever you choose, it is YOUR grand adventure but are you being very deliberate about your choices?

Or are you just going along with other people’s ideas of what a good life SHOULD look like?

And are you happy with the choices you are making?

Now, some people can use spiritualese to tell themselves that they are satisfied with their choices as they pontificate about how they are doing what love would do, how you cannot expect to only do what you want to do, how unselfish and selfless they are, how greedy and selfish the world has become, how you have to do these things for your children, your parents and EVERYONE that needs you and all about laying down their life for everyone else etc…

But I ask YOU again, are you actually happy with where your life is? Because YOUR choices got you here. How honest are you willing to be with yourself? How courageous are you willing to be when it comes to creating your true design life?

You say you want to live in your purpose and generate at least 6 figures while doing so but then you shy away from fully committing to the work of creating what you say you want because there are all these people around you who need you, be it children, parents, friends, partners – All the people you consider SACRED and all the people you think you ‘should’ drop everything for…

But is that true?

Or is it just your programming?

And how much more of your life do you want to give to distractions?

The actual tasks involved in building a purpose-aligned and profitable business are not complicated

All you need is a Target audience & a great-priced offer.

Then you communicate, capture & close consistently and you will get the business you desire

But the distractions will keep you from even doing the simple things.

And you will say it is because you HAD TO but again, did you? or did you CHOOSE to because it was more acceptable than going against the tide of popular opinion to truly CLAIM the life you want?

And so you end up living the Distracted life rather than the DELIBERATE life

And what could have been a grand life adventure on this planet becomes an unfulfilling empty experience that you CHOSE because you never got deliberate about the distractions around you.

Is this all you want?

Honey, time is tick-tocking away from you…


And get to very deliberately creating the life and business you truly desire.

The choice is ALWAYS yours.


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