There are some days when it feels tough to keep going.  You kinda know you should but you find yourself retreating into reaction mode where things keep happening to you, rather than you creating things.

And you feel terrible inside and all you want to do is give up and cover your head with the bedclothes.

However, this is the thing, you are on a mission!

You are on purpose and you know that you are here to change the world in some way, right?

It may just be you and your product/service/whatever and yet, you have the ability to change people’s lives and I am not ashamed to tell you it.  Though you may not actually believe it because all you can see is you and your little business that does not seem to be working for you at the moment.

How do you stand firm and strong in those moments when everything within you wants to quit…

(Well, you would quit if you had something to quit to.  If you are anything like me, you have burnt your bridges and there is nothing but boredom and nonsense to go back to and who wants that?! )

  1. Take a step back and figure out the next thing

When you start to feel horrid and fed up of life and business and everything :-), it is time to stop, take a deep breath, maybe even get out that journal and see the problem for what it is – Not that big a deal.  You are someone who has made things happen so there is nothing that you cannot handle.

So, take a deep breath, stop reacting to the way you feel and decide the next thing to do.  Think of it from the big picture of what you want to make happen and then decide what your next step needs to be in order to get there.

2. Stop thinking that today’s issue is all that there is

You are in this for the long haul, right?

So, keep your focus on the goal and the process.  You know what you want, now start taking the next step.  I don’t care if no one is buying what you are selling, I don’t care if your mailing list is shrinking instead of growing, I don’t care if people are sending you insulting emails tellin gyou that you are a scammer, forget all that!

They are all just mini-obstacles – NOt worth your energy.

Focus on what you want to create!

Focus on who you choose to be…

And be that person that does the next thing.

You are much stronger than you think so stop allowing little things affect you so much.  YEs, it is tough in the moment to not feel overwhelmed by how much seems not to be working.  However, you know this for absolutely certain…  Nothing will ever happen if you do not get off your pity party bum and do the next thing.

I am sorry to be so harsh but someone has to tell you the truth.  Most other people will tell you to take a break, you are pushing too hard etc etc and yes, you can listen to them if you want to live like the 95%…

If however, you want what most people do not have, then it is time to let the weakness go and just stay in action and figure out how to change more lives with your offerings.  You offer and you offer and you offer until something works.  It really is that simple.  And the great, huge result, does not care what you think or how you feel.

Do you want it?


then yuo have to keep moving despite the feeling.

This is mental toughness.

It is refusing to let your mind tell you what you can or cannot do.

It is going beyond the surface weakness to the part of you that knows without a shadow of a doubt that what you have to offer is exactly what the world needs right now.  And you CHOOSE to go out there and find your people. and you don’t stop until you reach your goal or you die.


3. Recharge

Make a point of figuring out how to recharge.  What makes you feel perky?  What makes you feel creative?

Make time to add all of that to your life as well.

Yes, you have to keep taking the next step, but you must also care for yourself or else, you body will crash.  Take time to read, listen to music, exercise, just be out in nature, go to conferences that inspire you.  Do whatever you need to do to wake up.

Yes, there will be times when you have to push through but create times when you enjoy the gentle moving forward as well.

You get to create it, you know.  You do not have to wait for inspiration to come to you.  Go find it!  And keep taking the next step while you do.  Ultimately, it is the work that will get you the result but in order for you to keep doing the work, you must take care of your greatest asset, YOU!

I have one space for a one-on-one client who is driven and determined to make more things happen in their life and business.  If, my style seems to appeal to you in some way then let’s have a fierce conversation where we look at what you want, what is holding you back and how we can work together to create it.  Fill in the application form here


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