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How do you set your prices?  Do you have a pricing strategy or is it just ‘hit or miss’? Do you let a lack of confidence ensure you price yourself out of business or do you confidently choose your prices logically?

The thing is, the price you set can make or break your business.  If you price too low, you will not be able to re-invest in your business and grow it.  If you price too high, then you may lose a lot of customers and therefore find yourself out of business anyway.

How can you tell the difference?

That is what this webinar will address.

Instead of setting a price with fear and trepidation, let me show you how to determine your price in the best possible way, removing unnecessary emotion from the process so that you can build your business a lot more easily than you may be at the moment.  Removing the fear of losing a prospect from the process so that you can state your prices confidently and also, not run yourself into the ground as you try to accommodate everyone.

Your pricing strategy determines the clientèle you serve, the staff you attract to your business, the attitudes people have when dealing with you and your business, your confidence and most importantly, the profits your business creates.

The level of prosperity you are currently achieving is also a result of the pricing strategy you are implementing (or not implementing, as the case may be).

It is time to stop setting your prices timidly.  It is time to stop giving everything away as cheaply as possible because you are too scared to look a customer in the eye and declare your price with confidence.  It is time to stop pretending to be noble and charge based on the value you are providing, rather than the mind monkeys in your head.

And for you, who have set your prices too high – It is time to stop setting your price based on your pride.

Join me for this month’s £1 Webinar –

I Set My Prices Powerfully

The webinar is to be held on Monday April 28th at 13.30pm.

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