Determined… Not today

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Watching ‘Junior Apprentice’  and as always there are the candidates that make you cringe.  The things that come out of their mouth…

Every year, they get recorded sounding determined, cocky and proud from Day 1, surely they watched the candidates from last year and the year before that and before that.  Yet, every single time, they rattle off the same old nonsense of being in some way superior to all the others.

I am all for confidence but arrogance is just grating.  Having said all that, I cannot help but watch it each and every year, if just for a cringe-worthy moment or ten. However,  The Apprentice taught me that I can sell rubbish (literally) and make a living more than some earn in a day.  At least, now I know how to survive if I lose it all 🙂 . Definitely worth a night time viewing.

Not so determined now

Today has been a potty training day in our house.  And frankly, it has not been great.  Having a toddler running around with nothing on her behind and carpet under her feet is a recipe for disaster.  So after 6 accidents, she went and brought a nappy to me.  I held out for a little while and then I admitted defeat sometime late in the evening.

I do hate admitting to defeat so I must qualify that to mean – it is a temporary defeat because I cannot do it tomorrow as the girls are away most of the day.  However, the thing I find with most of these new stages in the life of my kids is that I hold the key to whether they move on or not.  When I choose to be determined and persistent at something, they get it and they get it fairly quickly.  They do seem to pick up when I am halfheartedly telling them or showing them how to do something.  You know what I mean – The ‘Let’s go’ routine which starts with you telling them to get their butts in gear and you then wander off to check your email one last time, empty the bin, pick up some mislaid paper on the way to putting the washing on.  And then about twenty five minutes later, you are absolutely determined to leave so suddenly, your voice changes tone and you actually usher them into the car and leave.

Well, they know…  Hence the fact that they do not actually respond.

Same as other things, I postulate.  When we really want something, we do whatever is necessary to get it – good or bad.  So what do you really, really want?

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