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The Deliberate Millionaire

Here’s How To Get Out Of Your Own Way & Start Making A Difference & Making A Lot Of Money in Your Business


Are you working out of your home trying to build a profitable business but struggling to get enough customers, clients, recruits?

Or maybe, you are considering starting out in business but you have to get the business working before you can give up the job?

Are you frustrated because you are pushing and pushing and the business is still not working for you?

And, let’s be honest, there is just so much going on in your life and it is distracting…

The kids…

The partner…

Extended family…

Possibly the job and everything that goes with it…

Even the family pet seems to want something from you…

Let’s not even talk about the fear that it will never work…

And the need to procrastinate that seems to be your new best friend…

Your brain feels a lot like mush and you cannot seem to get the traction you need to get the business working.

Well, you are going to love what I have for you!

  • Imagine having a step-by-step plan that is delivered to you in bite-sized action steps so that you can get on with doing the work in the time you have for the business, rather than spend most of that time wondering what is the best action to take?
  • Imagine being part of a private group of leaders just like you who are open and ready to help you out whenever you need support?
  • Imagine being able to ask a question and get a specific answer to your own circumstances so you can run with the solution instead of spending ages trying to figure it out and then running out of time to implement the solution.
  • Imagine waking up to a daily motivational message that gets you into action before you have time to dread the day
  • Imagine once a month jumping onto the phone for some live training and also an opportunity to get your questions and challenges handled.

How much better would life be then?

How much faster do you think your business would grow if you had this support in place?

And that is what the Deliberate Millionaire Fast track program is about.

  • A structured weekly business step-by-step training delivered to your email inbox
  • A monthly Live group call with me to get personalised support
  • Daily support available in the private forum to help you attract more customers, clients, recruits – I am there everyday, answering questions, helpingdecide on next steps
  • For the next 20 peeps, a one-on-one call with me to put a next step plan in place
  • Regular challenges to get you into action growing your business, defeating your obstacles and roadblocks, creating wealth!
  • Daily inspirational message delivered to the private group

All this to help you attract the customers, clients, recruits into your business and to help you grow a business that enables yuo to live a life you absolutely adore because you have the money coming in to support it.

Listen, I too struggled and struggled to get things off the ground and nothing ever seemed to work! I mean, I was fairly competent and had done stuff others would consider successful before, so why was this proving so hard?

Why could I not get any of my many business ideas to work?

And there were two reasons that I can now see…

1) I was doing it only for the money so I never stuck at it…

Money is great and without it, it is hard to do much apart from worry about getting it…

But it is not enough to keep you going when the going gets tough! You have to have a reason deeper than money.

You need to know your big ‘why’

I kept choosing to start any idea that seemed as though it would make me money in two seconds flat and then I would discover that it was not as easy as I thought it would be and so, as I was a pharmacist, I would quit the business because I was a little too comfortable at work and I quite liked the title of my job! It made me feel prestigious and successful :-)!

And no, I never quit the business all at once…

Oh No… I dragged it out…

Little by little, I stopped taking the action until a week had gone by and I had not done anything to build the business and then it was a month… two months and then it was one of those forgotten ideas that you try not to remember…

Until the next time when you realise there is still something inside of you that wants to do more, be more and you have just wasted another year or so fo your life messing around, pretending to be incapable.

2) I was doing the wrong thing so I got in my own way…

I finally found a ‘why’ in the form of my princesses and managed to start-up a successful property management business only to realise I was just not motivated to keep it going when I reached my goal of staying home with my girls. I then started to slowly sabotage the business I had built as I realised I had just jumped from one career I did not like to a business that I did not like.

Thank God for my coach who pointed out to me that I really could build a business doing EXACTLY what I wanted to do.

And then my real journey began…

But it had taken me an unnecessarily long time to get past my own nonsense and start to do the real work that is required to build a profitable business and it was not until after bankruptcy and depression that I finally committed to permanently work with a coach.

And yes, it cost an arm and a leg…

I know it is not possible for everyone to pay the amounts I paid to get coached but this is the thing…

You NEED something…

You NEED accountability…

You NEED to be able to ask questions…

You NEED a coach and a mentor…

It really is that simple if you want to get past the nonsense and start to succeed.

So what can budding entrepreneurs do that know they need it but are not sure whether they can afford it?

Knowing this and also, knowing that a huge part of my purpose is to serve a large international community, I realised that I could help by

  • Distilling all I know into manageable small chunks that an action taker could take and run with.
  • Providing it at a very accessible price so that whatever the currency exchange rate was, it was a possibility for most.
  • Providing coaching and accountability in the form of daily check ins and monthly live calls.
  • Providing a safe space to connect with other entrepreneur leaders to encourage each other and brainstorm together.

And that is exactly what The Deliberate Millionaire Fast Track Program Does.

What is included?

Once a week, you will have training delivered to your email inbox – In there, you will get an actionable step to help you grow your business and live a more fulfilling life and you get the choice of what program you want to work on.

Here is what you get:

  1. Business Hero Bootcamp – A clear, step-by-step plan delivered over 7 weeks to take you to Business Hero status with a business that consistently produces an income, day after day after day.
  2. People Please No More – The next thing we deal with is the internal propensity to please everyone, to keep people happy and there fore to stop ourselves from attracting the result we want. After learning the step by step plan for business success, it is imperative that you deal with and conquer this insidious enemy and so this is dealt with next. Are you tired of living to please everyone else instead of getting on with creating a life and business that you adore?
  3. Build My List Now – Use this to grow the audience of people listening to you and buying your items.
  4. Set Up Your Profit-Creating Sales Funnel – Jumpstart Your Business Using Words to Build Influence & Create Profit
  5. Advanced Facebook Training – Facebook is a goldmine waiting to happen! Learn how to use it to generate leads and sales for your business.
  6. Master Your Money – Put your mind in the right place to attract wealth.
  7. Overcome Procrastination – Learn how to stop it from happening in the first place!
  8. Wake Up to Your Purpose – Create Wealth Doing Exactly What you Love.
  9. Fearless Warrior – Demolish your fears and get on the path to wealth creation.
  10. Turn What You Know Into Wealth – Online Wealth Creation in 90 Minutes A Day.

You’ll get all of the above on a weekly basis, in addition to the below:

  1. Lifetime access to the programs you participate in.
  2. Next, you get daily motivation Monday to Friday to get you right into action (Techniques alone do not work if your head is in the wrong place as I am sure you have noticed!)
  3. Next, you get to do a daily check in – What is the plan for each day? And as long as you take part, you can be sure that I will hold you accountable and support you in figuring out what the next step is.
  4. And then you get at least one monthly live call (optional) where you will speak with me live and get coaching on any challenges getting in your way.

And guess what? all of this is delivered to you for a grand total of $37 monthly.

That’s it!

I must be crazy, right?

There must be a catch?

No, there is not.

As I said I want to make it accessible to an international audience and so … I have!

And if you are a solopreneur that wants to make a difference whilst making a fortune.

Come inside, experience the power of what I have developed and what I continue to update for you and see how easy it becomes to grow your business if you just follow the plan, day by day.

No more over thinking, No more procrastinating, trying to work out what is best to do next, you just get on with it and get the work done and your business making money.

So, if you are that entrepreneur ready to start creating financial and time freedom as well as impacting the world with your product, service or business opportunity then click the button below to join in.

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Let’s talk about business…

In theory, it is simple.

Buy low, sell high.

Unless you live in the real world where there are all kinds of different ways to do things.

In the real world, you have people selling products from home…

Others selling their service and expertise from home…

And still others selling their business opportunity and yet with so many varieties of business there is basically one thing every business owner needs.


You can have the best product, book, music, whatever in the world but unless you have enough people paying attention to it and to you then you hit difficulties in making your business work.

You know that, right?

You have probably been trying to perfect your product, your service, your pitch for new recruits and yet, without anyone showing up every day, it does not matter.

It just really does not matter at all.

Because your product, service, opportunity is only one part of the equation…

Let’s dig into that a little…

To run a profitable business, there are three things that you must pay attention to…

1) You must grow your audience every day.

In this step, you are growing the number of people who are aware of you. Your circle of influence is growing and more and more people are getting to hear of you. And this part matters whether you have a product or service ready to go or not.

You can start building your audience on Social Media, At Networking Events, Advertising, Direct mail, blogging and so much more but you must be doing something each day

2) You must share your message every day.

This is where you raise people’s perceptions of you as an expert. If you try to remain same old, same old because you think no one cares about who they buy from then you end up having to go into price wars with everyone else who sells the same thing you do.

You have to stand out and you do this by sharing helpful information each and every day in the form of social media updates, blog posts, write articles for magazines and trade publications and online sites where your people are looking. Even your advertising can be in the form of an advertorial that changes someone’s life and at the same time, sells to them.

3) You must offer to serve the people who come, in some way.

This is the part where you offer your super-duper product, service or business opportunity. They are warmed up and ready to hear from you and you show them how you can support them in getting to their goal. And you ask them to do a swap of value – their money for your thing.

And so the sale is made.

How many of these can you make happen?

The more you do it, the more profitable your business is.

It is a simple three-step process and you can read this and go make it happen but maybe, you have already tried that…

And you have found it hard to stay on track…

Or you seem to be missing some parts of the puzzle…

And again, that is where accountability and also the simplicity of listening in to a technique and applying it without over thinking comes into play.

This is where the Deliberate Millionaire comes in handy for you, if you are truly determined to make your business as simple as those three points I mentioned…

How simple could your life be if you just kept your business growth this easy?

Really, think about that…

Isn’t it time you simplified things?

Isn’t it time you started to get solid results?

Isn’t it time you made a commitment to yourself and your family to make this business work?

I mean, what difference would that make to your life?

I know the difference coaching and the learning of techniques, made to mine.

It is the difference between watching my children grow up or spending every waking moment of their childhood at work…

It is the difference between getting to do only what I want to do in my life and having to do what I’m told to do at work because I have to make house payments…

It’s the difference between living a life of legacy, purpose & fulfillment and living one that makes no impact and changes no one’s life at all.

I know what I will choose again and again if I had to…

I hope you make the right choice for you…

Because, honey, there is a lot more to you than has shown up to date, isn’t there?

You know you are created to be successful at something you actually enjoy doing, rather than slogging away at something you do not want to do anymore…

So, why not give yourself a chance to make it happen?

Whatever business you are in…

If you are a solopreneur, doing your business from home or a local hub or maybe, even building it on the side as you try to transition out of your job…

If you are ready to start living life on your terms…

If you recognize that there is hard work involved and so you have to be a determined action-taker…

If you are frustrated by trying to do it all alone…

Then come join us in the Deliberate Millionaire Fast Track Group by clicking the button below and take advantage of the discounted entrance fee from $99 to $37 NOW.

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