Deliberately Choose Or Ultimately, You Lose

Deliberately Choose OR Ultimately, You Lose

Yesterday, I felt pretty ill.

My body hurt and there was so much uncertainty about what it all meant. I found myself pleading with God to make me better again as I could not understand all this pain.

My throat was on fire every time I swallowed…

My back felt as though it was caught up in a vice that did not want to let me go…

My head just plain hurt and I wondered how long this would go on for.

And most of all, it was the uncertainty that felt like the worst bit.

The not knowing if I would get better or worse…

The not knowing what was wrong with me…

The not knowing how long it would all last…

And the wondering if I would be brave and hold true to my convictions that I create my own reality.

After all, I certainly was not creating this – I did not want to be ill. If anything, it felt like my body was letting me down by succumbing to pain.

However, to be brutally honest with myself, I HAD CREATED IT.

I have not been taking care of my body at all recently. I have been mainlining chocolate and not much else. I have been telling myself I do not have time to look after myself so yes, I did actually create the reality of not being well.

What else can a body do when it does not have the nourishment required to combat disease? I may absolutely adore chocolate and the quick release it gives me when I munch down on a bar of it – a super HUGE bar of galaxy chocolate being my drug of choice! – but there are consequences.

And I experienced a few of the consequences yesterday and the day before and the day before that.

I am powerful enough to do whatever I like, whenever I like it but I have to also be willing to live with the consequences of each and every choice.

And this is the case with every aspect of life and business.

We always get to choose our reality.

The actions we take on one day will determine the consequences we get at some point in the future. We may not even know when that day in the future will turn up but we know that there is a consequence to every action we take.

Sometimes, we like the consequence.

Sometimes, we don’t.

And surely as thinking beings, we must learn to consistently do only what will give us consequences we enjoy and yet, we don’t.

We go for the quick gratification. I went for the chocolate bar because I could not be bothered to think of the long-term implications for my body and I was not willing to pay the price in the short term to get the long term benefits of health.

And everyday, people, maybe even you, make the choice to go with the short term gratification instead of paying the price now of stepping beyond your comfort zone so that you can have the long term benefits of an overall great life where you really get to do what you want to do and create an income around it.

It feels too uncertain, doesn’t it?

I know for sure that when I eat that HUGE bar of Galaxy chocolate, I will feel good right now, in this moment. So what, if I know I am shortening my life span – That does not feel too real in this moment right now. And you know what, I can tell myself that lots of people have lived long and healthy lives doing all the nonsense to their body so maybe, just maybe I can get away with it.

So what if inside of me, I feel like I am letting myself down being so weak at saying no!

And really, the only time I get to face my mortality is when a day like yesterday happens and then I am thrown right into the consequence and it is then too late but I make promises to be better if this time, God will see fit to rescue me.

Thankfully, I have another chance. Today, I feel better! I am blessed with a body that forces me to take a break so it can get to work healing itself. And I am thankful for it but even more aware that I must deliberately take my health into consideration when I put things in my mouth.

And you too may, today, be enjoying the benefits of certainty in a job you do not much like but feels okay at the moment. A body that endures all the abuse you give it and keeps chugging along. A relationship that may not be all you dream of but is sufficient – ish.

And you may think that you can be content with that…

But you know you are ignoring the growing signs of dissatisfaction, the deadening of your emotions as you settle for less than you know is possible for you, the feeling that you are selling yourself for a price that may not seem so cool in later years. At the moment, there is instant gratification, right?

But will you have to pay for that at some point?

Will your passivity, in this moment, take your future away?

It is hard to care when nothing unbearable is happening; it usually takes something horrid to shake us up. But do you really want to wait?

Or are you ready to get deliberate about the life & business you create?

What say you?

If you are ready to wake up and get deliberate then I would love to welcome you on board the Deliberate Millionaire for determined peeps ready to take their business and life up a level – for those who would like to BE more, DO more, HAVE more and be surrounded by others on the same journey to living a fulfilling, prosperous life.

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