Deja Vu Hit Me Over The Head Today – Figure Out What You Want So You Are Not Working To Someone Else’s Plan!

What Do You Want?Earlier today, I had been wandering the streets of Sutton Coldfield with my family and deja vu hit me over teh head. 

Why was this significant to me?

This was where my life, well my second life in the UK, began.

I remembered being 17, lonely and aimless, wandering through the shopping centre. I lived in a hostel with my sister at that point. We had spent the last 12 years in Nigeria and now, here I was.

I had left all my friends behind, I had mismatched clothes that included a pair of purple jeans which at the time, I thought was cool but now, I think back and cringe at it.

I lived on very little money as I had not managed to get a job at that point as I had no understanding about how to perform at interviews and also my mum did not want us to work.

That did change as the money she was able to send, started to dry up so getting a job began to be a need.

And, in my spare time, I just used to wander the shopping centre, aimless, directionless. I did not quite fit in with the others at college as they all seemed too scary to me at that point.  They had boyfriends and girlfriends, they slept with one another, they smoked, they called the lecturers by name (horror above all horrors), they went to nightclubs and all these things were considered anathema back home in Africa so I felt adrift as I chose not to be like everyone else.

And today, I was reminded of how that all felt. My one and only purpose at that point was to make my family happy & become a pharmacist, well, actually it was my mum I wanted to make happy as I felt she had gone through a lot to get me there.

As I looked back, I also realize how much of a waste of time it all was. Don’t get me wrong – It was all a part of my journey so I do not take it all back but I do feel sad for the girl that I was.

For a very long time, I had been dissatisfied with living the life that my family had decided was right for me. I rebelled a little but never enough to really assert myself so I went along with it all and did nothing about discovering my own path in life.

For so long, I lived a passive life that was all about trying to please the people around me and if I really could not please them, then I rebelled against them but never, ever enough to really get what I wanted.


And today, I see that you too may be doing the same thing.


You are uncertain about what you want but you know that you do not want what ‘they’ want for you.

However, you find it too hard to really completely do the work to discover what you really truly want so you remain passively in limbo land.

You may as well be walking the streets of Sutton Coldfield with my 17 year old self.

My whole life had been dictated to me and I had gone along hoping to then feel like I had made it when I became the pharmacist they wanted me to be.

Needless to say, it did not work out that way. Their way for me left me feeling dissatisfied and empty.


It was not until I took control of my path – Full control! – that I started to discover and remember the things that made my own heart sing. The things that I was supposed to do and at times, the path to getting there seems incredibly tough but I have caught a glimpse of what life could be like and I refuse to return to being that 17 year old lonely girl wandering the streets.


What do you want?


Really, truly, could you tell me what you want?


At the very least, can you acknowledge the stuff in your life that you do not want any more and make a choice to cut that out? Maybe, then you can create room for the stuff you really do want, the person you really are and the things you really want to do.


We all have a reason to be here and while we spend all our time trying to live other people’s plans for us, we remain directionless, vaguely dissatisfied and aimless.

And all the while, the thing you are supposed to be getting on with, is waiting for you to finally decide to do it.


Will you?


Will you dare to?


To finish, can I make an invitation to you? I am looking for a few Warriors who are ready to not just keep doing all the training and the seminars and the learning but leaders who are ready to implement the stuff they know to do.

These are people who know that they could do more with the right environment and the right amount of accountability.

They are willing to be challenged when they show up passively to their life and business, they are willing to be vulnerable as together we get rid of any limiting behavior.

Creating all they can create and being all they can be is more important than looking good to these warriors. They know that their life is part of a bigger picture and they are ready to do their bit, to come alive fully and to fight for a future that looks amazing in their head. They are ready to make it a reality faster than they could alone.

This will be a very small group, a maximum of 5 people who are ready to take action in a big way. And no, not the action that makes you look busy; I mean the action that gets results.

If this appeals to you and you want to know more as well as being willing to invest the time, emotional energy and money to create the life you say you want then fill in the form below.

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