‘You, Papa, are my refuge. I trust in You & I am safe’.

Adapted From The Bible

Whatever your belief system in a power bigger than you and even if you do not have one, know this, you are covered.

You are surrounded by love.

You are never alone.

You will always be caught.

You can dare to do those things you really want to do but are scared to do.

You can create a life that you adore because you are completely backed up.

You can follow those intuitive nudges.

Even if you make mistakes, you will come out on top.

Simply trust.

And move.

You got this.

You do not need to see the end from the beginning because something bigger than you can guide you there.

All you need to do is stay true to your vision.

Stay true to what you truly desire.

Do not tell stories of impossibilities and then begin to settle for less.

The stories are not true.

Nothing is impossible for he/she who believes.

STAY TRUE and keep moving towards the desires of your heart.

Fully expect to get there.

And you will.


YOu are enough.

YOu are capable of your calling.

YOu are more powerful than you know.


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Much Amazing Love

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