Decisions, decisions

It has been a fun evening, singing my heart out at gospel choir.  We are practicing for a concert in about 2 weeks’ time.  I cannot wait.

It was soo hard to go to practice tonight as I have had quite an eventful day as I got my first potential property deal today!!!!  I assure you this is not for a lack of trying.  Leaflets to the tune of 3000 have been delivered, houses have been viewed, calls have been made, estate agents harrassed and  I have physically visited and spoken with at least 10 people in the last week who have turned me down and finally I came across a couple who really did need my help and accepted it.  I really hope I am able to supply them with a solution.  The problem with me is that I get to know all these clients and their problems and I really do want to help everyone.  Some people have a solution presented to them and they, for whatever reason, decide they would rather carry on suffering.

The solution seems too alien to them.

Unfortunately, this is the majority of people.

Then there are the few who seize an opportunity to relieve their problems.  These are the people I love to deal with.

Anyway, that is not the true subject of my post tonight.  I am in the throes of making a decision.


Yes, this is the decision I am trying to make.  Let me explain…

Tloml and I are actually quite fortunate in one way.  We are both trained professionals so in theory we command a wonderful salary between us when we are in full-time work.  Obviously, I am not in full-time work at the moment as I have chosen to take care of V, E and H myself.  Still, Tloml is a good earner.  The unfortunate part of this is that  the more you earn the more you spend – houses, cars, toys, fancy food, clothes, petrol for cars, heating the lovely house you live in, a cleaner, a gardener – I wish I had all these things but I am cutting back.  [amazon_link id=”0751532711″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Robert Kiyosaki[/amazon_link] (If you have not heard of him, you need to look him up!) would call all of these things doodads. The unnecessary things we spend our money on.  Now all this would be nice if I was not so dependent on a wage to provide them and keep everything moving along smoothly.  I HATE being sooo dependent on someone else to pay me a salary.  Both Tloml and I share this aversion.  We want to choose when we work and what we do.

Now why am I making this decision – well, we live at present in a lovely big house – a bit cold in the winter but overall amazing with a wonderful garden that we do not know how to look after.  It is rented at quite a high rate.  Time and again, Tloml has suggested that we move somewhere cheaper so that we can save up money to buy our own place but the truth is we cannot afford to buy a house I would actively like so I have usually disagreed with him, quoting all manner of excuses from traumatizing the kids to “I gave birth to them upstairs, why would I ever leave?” to just plain “NO”.  However, now I am starting a business and a business needs capital.  If we move house to somewhere smaller, we could cut our expenses down massively.  This time I am truly considering it.  But you know what is really difficult, if I am completely honest.  I love the prestige of living in this house, I love that people admire it and think we are well off.  Yep, I am VAIN!!!!!  I am also Nigerian and we love to show off!  So back to the question – To move or not to move – How serious am I about changing my future?  Will moving make a big difference?

Time will tell…

The important thing is this: To be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become

Charles DuBois.


  • Ayee Tavares says:

    really enjoying reading your posts… I am waiting to hear your decision xx

  • Anna says:

    Do it 😉 Also how about reading Richard Foster’s ‘Freedom of Simplicity’. Not sure if you are reading Christian books along with your biz books but this one is pretty detailed in a mans attempt to live a life dependent upon one thing rather than the trappings that you detailed up above. Happy house hunting!!!!!!!! xo

    • Nonny K says:

      I have read the discipline book by Richard Foster. It was definitely challenging and I did try to put some of the stuff in practice for a while but…

      Well, the hunt is definitely on for something cheap yet acceptable to my crazy standards! might have to compromise a lot! O well, for a season, I tell myself and think how much humility I could learn! 😀 Would do me good. ha ha!

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