Decision made!

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The decision has been made!

Now if you remember, I was thinking of moving house a few posts ago but I am far too comfortable in my present home to really want to do it.  My children were born upstairs, for goodness sakes! Why would I ever want to leave this house?

Anyway, in the quest to simplify and yet also complicate my life further (as I seek to run a business as well as look after my babies, work and homeschool), I had decided to think about moving.  This would reduce our monthly outgoings, get us on the property ladder, allow me to get buy-to-let mortgages and also speed up the ‘saving for deposits’ process.  On the downside, it would reduce my living space significantly.  I am Nigerian at heart (though British on my passport) and we love space!  Maybe, it is not a Nigerian thing really, I am just me.  I love spare rooms – who knows who may want to come over and stay for a bit? I love toy rooms to put all the children’s things, I love big bedrooms, I love most things about the house I live in now apart from the fact that heating it up in the winter is impossible!!!

So yesterday, a friend and I went off to view a property.  We started chatting.  He challenged me to make a decision about a property I had obtained at a good price but which is a lot smaller than my present home.  After a very little thought, I realised the merits of his arguments and decided to …


Suddenly, life got exciting as I had to get things done 5 minutes ago.  All of a sudden, I was calling brokers, estate agents, solicitors, vendors, trying to convince Tloml (Not that he needed much as it was always me that was the bottleneck, keeping us in our present surroundings).  So the process of buying a house has begun!  However…

I keep looking round at all my stuff and wondering how much of it, I am going to have to get rid of, wondering where all my clothes will go – ok, so I do not wear half of them as I keep hoping to return to pre-baby body shape 😆 . I love my space, what will I do without all of it?  One reception room!!!! Argh! A smaller kitchen – No!!! smaller bedrooms! Only THREE bedrooms!  I have to tell people! They might think I am broke!  (Yes I am a vain girl- I did mention this, didn’t I?) I will not appear to be keeping up with the Joneses!!!!! Aaaargh! Someone give me a paperbag – hyperventilating… Give me a moment to compose myself.

Ok, ok, ok (Taking deep breaths).  I must focus on the positives :-),

  1. I am saving money for the business
  2. I am getting closer to my aim
  3. It is only temporary
  4. Sometimes, being uncomfortable pushes me to work harder
  5. I can simplify my surroundings
  6. Good time to do a clear out
  7. It will be warmer this Winter- this is a big one for me!
  8. I might make new friends and meet new neighbours
  9. No more dead rent, I am investing in my future and that of my children
  10. Erm… I have run out of positives, Oh yeah, I am helping the seller out of a bad situation
  11. …It is only TEMPORARY. (If I say it enough, it will be true :-))
  12. Any more, anyone?

Life is full of ups and downs. The trick is to enjoy the ups and have courage during the downs.



Update: 27/3/2012

Did I move house in the end?  NO!

I watched tloml start to downsize our life i.e. throw things out, and I could bear it no longer and caved!

Thankfully, I was not alone in being reluctant to move so we are all fairly happily still in our old home.  On the lookout for a new great home with a bit more internal space than the house we bought.  Keep reading to find out what happens next in this crazy Mum’s life!


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