As a result of my quest for freedom…

I have broken up with religion

I have broken down some relationships with family members

I have had plastic surgery to design the body I wanted

I have been ignored and cast aside by ‘friends’ who thought I was being too much

I have given up a lucrative career

I gave up a lucrative property business

I have made lots of money and lost lots of money

I feel out of place in most of the social circles I used to be a part of…

I have continually taken action on whatever the next step towards my vision was, despite NUMEROUS TIMES feeling like I did not have the money to do it

I have learnt to trust myself

I have learnt to trust the Divine

I have learnt that it does not matter what anyone thinks or what intense emotional stress or even PHYSICAL PAIN I am going through, you freaking show up for your life ANYWAY!

I am bolder than I thought I was

I am stronger than I thought I was

I am more determined, resilient and relentless than I thought I was

I have discovered that I am more loved than I thought I was

I have discovered that there really is no end to the awesomeness that I can create if I am willing to stay the course

And there is definitely no end to the income I can create if I am willing to hold space for both meaning and money

So, I ask you, do you really want to be free?

Or is it just talk for the sake of talk?

I did not know where the journey would take me in 2010 when I made the decision to pull my head out of the sand and get on the narrow path to my true design life…

I still don’t know exactly how I will reach 334000 people with the message of the Deliberate Life of freedom, fulfilment, financial abundance and love…

And yet, I just know it is done

And I will see the physical manifestation one step at a time

Sometimes, taking that step will be terrifying but I will take it and realise that I had it in me to overcome

Sometimes, taking the step will feel easy

I will always grow

Life will always be exhilarating

And I wonder if you are ready to get off the fence and join in

You KNOW you are called to a bigger bolder life that you have created to date

DO YOU DARE take the faith walk?

There is no room for sad stories on this deliberate life path – We heal and we move forward fast

There is no room for victimhood and self-pity – We take responsibility for everything and we move forward fast

This will inspire or petrify you or maybe even both

And you will have to decide if you are really serious about living a life that matters or if you just want to get by

Which type of spirit-driven soul are you?

Because I am here to support the daring, determined and relentless type to create financial abundance in their online business, doing what they love and are called to do – Let’s get you to that first $5k month and beyond asap

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Much Amazing Love

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