Life seemed full of so many rules, conditions, hoops.

I got tired of it

Especially since none of it, was getting me where I wanted to go

The church said ‘do this and that’ and you will prosper

The family said ‘do this and that’ and you will prosper

The world says ‘do this and that’ and you will prosper

But I think what they really meant was, “Stay under our control and we will tell you what level of success and prosperity you can experience.  If you dare to step out of line, we will threaten you with hell or estrangement until you fall back in line”.

Ok, so maybe I exaggerate a little (or do I?)

But I just know that none of these things that you are ‘supposed to’ do, worked for me…

I did them, I was pretty good at looking the part – went to college, got the degrees, got the good jobs, had the titles in church etc…

But it was empty

In fact, the rules at church seemed to put a barrier between the Divine and I

I set myself free.

I started taking things directly to the Divine, rather than through all the middle men

I started trusting myself again, to be able to hear the Divine without anyone else’s intervention

I stopped being afraid of hell

I started truly believing that I was safe, loved and fully supported

I started trusting the desires of my heart to lead me towards the life I am designed to live

I still have to catch myself going against my true design because the conditioning is deep within me and if I am not being deliberate, I find myself reverting back to the old passive conditioned path

The conditioned path does not lead to freedom, Fulfilment, Financial abundance, Unconditional love

The conditioned path leads to a limited version of all the above, including VERY VERY conditional love – “We will love you while you obey us and act like us and we will ostracise you if you don’t!” – That is not love, my honey!

And I guess most people are satisfied with that limited version but I am not.

Something inside of me ALWAYS KNEW there was more and I finally found the courage to go a-looking

I LIKE what I found – I will not be returning to the conditioned path

It is not always an easy path when you step off the conditioned path

But it is the deliberate path of growth, expansion, limitless living

We are born to experience this

We cannot remain stagnant and expect good things to come into our life

The world has too many stagnant people with a few people at the top pulling the strings of those who would rather not think for themselves.

But if you refuse to be deliberate then you sell your freedom for seeming security which never lasts.

We are Divine beings

We are born to be free

Awaken, spirit-driven souls

Awaken to the power within you

Stop living to the rules and conditions that others laid out for you

They are people just like you

You also have a direct line to the Divine, you can glean wisdom for yourself, not some generic wisdom that ‘should’ apply to everyone



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Much Amazing Love

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