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By January 2, 2015Business

YOu Are Created for greatness Life can be a destroyer of dreams.  It can eat you up alive… if you let it.

You came onto the planet feeling like the center of the universe.  You cried and (unless your parents were pretty horrid!) people reacted.  They got you what you wanted and for a few weeks, months, years, you thought that you were amazing and everything was great.

Then you started to get older and people expected more from you, they stopped doing exactly what you wanted them to do, it rained when you wanted the sun, you had to go to school wehn really you wanted to play all day.

You stopped getting your way and you started to think that it was something about you…

You started to doubt your inner greatness…

You started to think that there was something wrong with you…

You battered it all down though because that was all you knew.  So you assumed this was the normal way of things.

Anyway, as you got older, you had a few dreams inside of you and you mentioned some of them to your parents who initially seemed all pleased at how cute you were to want to be a singer or something.

AIt is your opinion that counts when its you got even older though, you realised however, that you were not expected to hold on to those dreams as of course, it was impossible for your bigger dreams to happen so again, you dampened them down thinking that if your parents thought it was silly then maybe, YOU WERE SILLY for even thinking that such a dream was possible.

You watched the people around you and took your cues from them and started to forget who you really, truly were.

You got older still and life started to really whack you upside the head.

Things did not go to plan at all but again, this was the norm and you were obviously stupid for thinking that things could be different.

Dreams were only for people on TV, not people like you!

Your most amazing experiences became the ones you watched on TV…

You forgot who you were at the start.

You buried your dreams alive and you tried to be happy doing what everyone you knew was doing.

Wake them up!


Just because you find it hard to believe does not make it any less true, you are created for greatness.

And when I say greatness, I do not mean just the nonsense we catch on TV of the celebrities and all of that…

NBelieve in yourself and your ability too I mean true greatness, the kind that may go unrecognised by most but leaves you feeling completely happy, fulfilled and awesome.

It is not defined by anyone except you.

It is your piece of the puzzle – The huge jigsaw puzzle we are individually designed to create.

When you build your business from that place of greatness, when you live your life from that place of greateness and you refuse to settle for anything less than that, you serve the planet!

You do your bit to create world peace…

YOu do your bit to end world hunger…

You may not go to one of those deprived places but because you use your great gifts to live your life well, the whole world is lifted higher as a result.

It seems weird and strange and too great for you to understand but who cares about that…

If it means you  are able to look back when you are at a ripe old age and say that you lived a good life, take the inspired action today.



Practise not letting the little things bug you. Use them as a practise for the bigger challenges, the ones that every champion must face in order to live a life of meaning and buld a business that delivers great service to their community.

You can handle it! You are more powerful than you realise! 


You know that, right?



Do not let your current circumstances stop you from dreaming of all you could create. DREAM BIGGER! 




Be you! Forget what everyone else said you had to be, build your business by being the best you possible!

Enjoy the journey!  Celebrate each new


Whatever struggle you face today will give you the experience for your inevitable success! Just stay on path, stay on the journey and do not allow fear to stop you.

You are Powerful!


Where there is life


Guilt is a destroyer of fortunes! Whatever mistakes you made are over, leave them where they belong in the past and step boldly forward without any shame!

#PowerTip #BizTips



Don’t keep putting things off. New year, new beginnings, new attitude. Make powerful decisions, take action fast on them. Accelerate #businessgrowth




Keep The Faith!There is so much more in

Don’t wait until all your ducks line up before you take the action. Make a change! Take the inspired action now!


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