Daily Digest 2 – Quotes of the day!

HAppy NEw Year!Say it with me – I always have a choice! I always get to decide my next step. I am not held back by circumstances, people or events. I take hold of my life and I make things happen because I ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE!I always have a choice!


It is a new year! And for the very first time in a very long time, I did not pop over to church to pray in the year – I chose to stay home because I felt pretty tired.

Not quite the energizer bunny I usually am this time of year.

I wonder if anyone else felt a little like that …

I am almost scared to say that I felt tired and kinda demotivated.

Now, I am certain some of that demotivation comes from eating a vast array of either NOTHING sensible and far too much junk this holiday period but some of it also comes from looking forward and knowing that there is a lot of hard work ahead of me.

2014 was a year of stripping back my layers, of facing down an incredible amount of fear and I know there is still more to come.

The problem with knowing that you are designed to live a life on fire is that well, you have to go through the fire!

And some days the fire just seems too hot!

And that was how I felt last night as I tried to avoid contemplating all that I wanted to create in the coming year.

Yes, I always have a choice but there are days when I would rather hide under the blanky (blanket for the more gramatically correct ones among you!) and pretend I was just a regular person with no drive, no ambition, no calling, no purpose.

But yes, I always have a choice…

And I tried to do the hide under the blanky thing and it never lasts…

I get fed up of it!

I get stifled by it!

I know I am created to do this work and trying to avoid it, just drives me insane…

So, here’s to a more low key entrance to the year but if you can see my eyes, you will see the determination hidden beneath the tiredness.



Stop trying to be normal, to fit in. How boring! Be creative, Be different, Be MORE and see your life expand beyond what you imagine.

I am not normal, I do not fit in!

I am getting closer and closer to the point where I do not even give a hoot about trying to fit in.  Not completely there but a hell of a lot closer than this same time last year!

The business I am designing cannot work if I try to be like everyone else.

So I embrace my weirdness, my pushiness ( as someone called me yesterday!), my fierceness, all of it – I embrace who I am and I step into the year boldly, bravely, determinedly.

Are you with me?

It is action that will get you the results you want! All the worrying, thinking, doubting yourself is wasted energy that could be redirected to taking action.


How much time is spent in our heads?

I was playing a game (Cashflow) with friends yesterday and someone said something along the lines of ‘If only life was this simple’  and I responded with ‘It is, the problem is that we get all emotional and complicate it’

And that is the truth for me, for my clients, for everyone.

Life, Business is straightforward but we get all caught up in our heads and suddenly, things are just not that simple anymore.  We start to think of why we can or cannot do this or that and so we dither, we procrastinate and then we stop or at least, delay the result we would have gotten if we just kept moving forward.

Tedious to be human at times…

If they are not doing what you want to do successfully, why are you asking for their advice? Be wise about where you get input!

If you have read my book – Get their attention & make them buy (and I do wonder how many get it and never actually take the time to read it – oh well, your loss!  I can only offer – you have to actually take it and do something with it) – then you will know that one of the main mistakes people make which causes their business to fail is listening to their friends and family when it comes to building their business!

A little scary, actually.

After all, which one of us can definitely say that we do not want the validation of a family that really does not get us?

So we go on asking for their opinion but they have not done what we need them to have done in order for them to give us a sensible response…

We stupidly believe them and end up in a hole that we cannot dig ourselves out of.

How crazy!

Be wise, ok?

Allow nothing to deter you from your

Snap OutOfIt!OnlyOneLifeTime ToLiveITThe path to success is not as straightforward as you might like. There are ups, there are downs. #keepMovingForward through it all. Enjoy the journey as much as possible, dig yourself out of funky moods as soon as you can, ride the highs when they arrive & JUST NEVER EVER GIVE UP!

#FightForTheLifeYouWant! because it can be yours if you will stay on course.

If it makes you feel poor or sad...Get

Be deliberate about the things around you. Choose only things that bring happiness into your life.


Don’t downplay your successes!

They are a result of the efforts you put in. Write them out, be proud of what you have done. If you did those seemingly ‘little’ things, is there anything you cannot do?



Life is way, way, way, WAY too short to spend all your time living someone else’s dreams.

Give yours a chance of success!




When it all feels like rubbish… just be here now & do the next thing. No point living in the future and all the things you think may or may not happen, be here now and do the next thing!

Until the next time, which may be tomorrow or who knows when 😀 (My new year’s resolution is to be easier on myself and go with more ‘inspired action’ flow rather than forceful ‘kill myself’ type energy! 😀 )

Have a lovely day!

And of course… if you would like to figure out if working together would work for you, then you best pop on over to RosemaryNonnyKnight.com/rapidbusinessgrowth and ask me nicely to have a conversation with you…  2015 will certainly look even better if you do that!

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