The Daily Digest 1 – Quotes of the Day

AlwaysAt the start of any journey, you may not have everything you need to complete it, you may not even know that you do not have everything yet.


#KeepMovingForward anyway with what you do have and trust that when you need something new, it will be given you.


This quote is all about trust… It can be tough to trust that you will be taken care of when nothing is going to plan. And yet, you must keep putting one foot in front of the other believing that, when the time is right, whatever you need will be given to you at exactly the right time.


When I wrote this, I was reeling from the fact that I had spent time and money building my Facebook page to 10,000 likes and all of a sudden, it felt like Facebook switched off the tap. It still feels like it. One day, I am getting 200 likes on each post and I wake up the next morning, doing exactly the same as far as I can tell and my page’s reach drops to practically nothing.


And I am frustrated. A girl cannot catch a break!


Or so it seems…


Anyway, over the last 24 hours, I have had to drag myself out of the mire of self pity time and time again and this is another form of doing that as I write out my pain around it.


But this is what I know, maybe Facebook is part of my business growth journey, maybe it isn’t…


Who cares…? (Obviously, I do at the moment, but I am working on it 😀 )


I know that whatever I need will be given me when the time is just right so no need to get my knickers in a twist.


Hard though…


Hard to believe it when you feel pretty frustrated and helpless to solve the problem.


However, see attached video… We do not let anything hold us back…




And now for the rest of the newly inspired ‘Daily Digest’!


For a little while now, I have been thinking about doing this…


I put a lot of my crazy, (ok,, they are amazing :-D) ideas on my Facebook Page and then it disappears into yesterday’s news so I have decided to put them on my blog as well. So each day… there will be the daily digest when I find the inclination. Must get a VA to collate it all for me, methinks!


Here’s to a better, more expanded 2015!


All champions are met with negativity at one point or the other. Do not allow that to be the reason you stop. #KeepMovingForward


Oh so true, right?!


Happiness Starts Right NowNot WhenPeople who really care about you, want your happiness. Do not put your life on hold because you think that it would be selfish to pursue your dreams and goals. You have something amazing to bring to the world and it starts by following your curiosity, regardless of whether you are understood or not.



Too many are held back by trying to live up to their family’s ideas of happiness for them and it gets plain old tiring.


I have kinda given up on it, apart from the pain of crazy relationships, I am so much freer for it. I have never been the ‘roll over and take it’ type but there were certain people who really had a hold on my heart and I allowed myself to get far too attached to their opinion.


That kept me small and kept me doing things to keep their pleasure and all in all, it was nonsense!


So, now I know, that the ones who really care about me will not try to hold me back or make me feel guilty or any of that stuff. They will cheer me on!


Ultimately, my hubby, my kids are most important to me and they get priority in my heart but even they can not be allowed to determine whether I step into my full power or not.


I am the only one who gets to choose that.



“Excessive caution destroys the soul and the heart, because living is an act of courage, and an act of courage is always an act of love.”

― Paulo Coelho

I just love this quote! Too many people live in fear of everything. And so they live half a life…


Who wants that?


I want to be brave in all my dealings with people, in growing my business, in stepping away from things that no longer suit me and taking on scary things that I think I just might like.


I have lived with fear for SO VERY LONG and I have decided to draw a line in the sand under it. Will you join me?


Whatisthepurposeofyourbusiness-It is not enough to chase only after money – It will not keep you going when the going gets tough. What is your big dream? What is the purpose of your business? Figure it out… Have it in front of you so that you remember and#KeepMovingForward


Having money is sweet – It is lovely to be wealthy financially. However, if it is only about the money then some of the joy of living is lost.


You are here for more than just making money but please do make as much money as you can because it is not necessary to be poor to be noble and purpose driven.



Do not let anxiety control you. Look at your life… You have been through some bad times and yet you are still standing! You are more powerful than you realise!

Do not let fear of tomorrow steal your joy for today!



Realise that happiness is not found outside of you and also happiness helps you create more success so choose to be happy now because you can!






Some people almost get to the rainbow’s end but then get in their own way as fear grabs a hold of them. They wonder if they are worth it!

Let me tell you… You are worth it! You are enough! Do not shirk at the last stage. #KeepMovingForward



What do you want for 2015? Make a strong decision about it!

Keep making that decision day in, day out, regardless of circumstances, people or events. Boldly, keep following through on your decision!

And ultimately, you WILL CREATE WHAT YOU WANT!



Remember… Fight for the business & life you want!

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