Everywhere you look, you are surrounded by the familiar…

Things and people that have been around you since forever…

It is all so the same

And yet, you feel different inside

You feel called to follow through on a particular call, a particular purpose

And it is unlike anything that anyone in your current existence has ever done and they think you are a little loopy…

You wonder if you are, as well!


Deep in your spirit, heart and soul, you know you are born for more than the norm…

You know that there is a message pumping deep within you that needs to be delivered on the world and yet, every day, you go through the motions of living the same old, same old life…

You turned up at the same old job – I know it has a nice prestigious title and so it feels silly to consider leaving it behind, after all the effort you put into getting there and OMG, what will the family say?!

You turned up at the same old church – you give them your time because that is what people like you, do.  You give back, right?  Ain’t nothing wrong with that, is there?!

You do what others do in their spare time – Watch a little TV, maybe get some gardening done in your nice house that you have fought hard to get, tidy up, keep it clean and try to be satisfied…

All the while, in your heart of hearts is the knowledge that your life is passing you by and all the big ideas, the dreams, the BIG VISION you have is simply not happening…

And you tell yourself that you just cannot do it now…

After all, there’s the children…

The extended family…

The partner…

The friends who have placed you in a nice tidy box…


You still long too much to be accepted by people…

You have not yet made a solid commitment to your vision…

Because if you had, your every move, your every action would be taking you there…

Right now, you have bought into the lie that it is not practical…

And that the timing is wrong…

And honey, it is as though you don’t want to figure out how to make it practical because you have all these old ideas about what you are allowed to do and what you are not allowed to do…

Why not be open to new ways of doing things?

Why not get over all your limiting beliefs and open yourself up to the possibility that you need to cut the cords COMPLETELY to your old way of thinking, being, acting?

YOu scared, right?

You created a cushy existence and you think you might lose it and so you will lay down your calling in order to maintain it, right?

And you will tell yourself that it is for your family, it is because you must be responsible…

YOu might even make it seem spiritual – Telling yourself that you must sacrifice what you want to do in order to do what you MUST do! And then tell yourself that that is what God wants from you…

And yet, the hunger in you remains

The darkness always at the edge as you wonder if this is it…

And I ask you this…

Why the heck do you think that your Higher Power would plant a vision inside of you, one that makes you hungry for more, and then make it impossible for you to figure out a way to live out the calling while taking care of your responsibilities?

What kind of love would that be?

CUT THE CORDS to your old way of thinking

CUT THE CORDS to being the same as everyone around you

CUT THE CORDS deliberately

OPEN yourself up to all possibilities!

OPEN YOURSELF UP TO opportunities!


There is a call on your life and there is a way to make it happen while being responsible…

The transition may be scary but you must trust that there really is abundance all around and it is more than enough FOR YOU!

YOU LEAD THE CHARGE to find another way to design life…

You be the History Maker that helps your people to see that there is another way to make the dreams in your heart come to pass while still taking care of business!

Dare to deliberately design the life you are born to live…

Because you really do want to.

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? To be free of religious nonsense that stops you doing what you need to do to get abundant results

? Incredible connection to Your Higher Power

?A purpose-driven business that changes lives

? A deep sense of wholeness and wellness inside, knowledge that you are on path

? To be confident in making offers and asking people to pay you handsomely for what you choose to deliver to the world

? To Know your unique gifts, talents, strengths and a battle plan to get them into the marketplace serving people and making you money

? To feel certainty inside that you are on the right path and to show that in the marketplace so that others are able to trust you

? To confidently shine your light

? To have more influence and impact than ever before so that you can actually help the people you are called to serve.

? To be a role model for your family and because you level up so much, you can be the source of change for your whole family!

? To stop resisting money and the receipt of it! You will finally allow yourself to receive AND KEEP what is yours by birth

? To stop self-sabotaging and to handle the impostor syndrome so that it stops getting in your path

? To have a social media and online marketing strategy that generates prospects and sales quickly

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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Much Amazing Love 

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  • Ben says:

    Hi Rosemary. Coincidentally, Pandora was playing U2’s Bad while I read this. I was listening to Bono scream “I’m wide awake” and “I’m letting go” while I read you talking about essentially the same thing. Some powerful synchronicity right there.

    I remember when I cut the cord and left my safe job to do what I wanted to do full time. It’s very liberating and empowering to take the chance and step out. I highly recommend it.

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