For as long as I can remember, I loved writing…

Songs, poems, dramas, mini stories etc…

I loved singing – I did not think I could do it all that well but that did not stop me!

I loved teaching – I still remember teaching friends bible stuff and anything else I could, when I was in my tweens and early teens

I wanted to create lots of things, first because I HAD TO and then because I wanted people to consume what I created and I wanted them to love it.

The performer in me, needed an audience.

I still do.  I am less hidden about it now.  I used to see it as a bad thing, a pride thing, something to be stifled and definitely not something to be monetized but that was just silly conditioning.  I am gifted in certain things and I love to use those things to entertain, to teach, to inspire, to empower. Now I own it and I no longer stifle it.

And you, dear creator…

Maybe it is time you stopped stifling yourself…

Maybe it is time to admit what you want life to be like…

Creating and getting paid for it.

Be honest, you want that, don’t you?

Well, honey, guess who gets to create that life?!


It will not just happen so here are a few ideas to get you off the ground…


I had to value my work before anyone else ever would.  As a child, I created for the fun of it but as I grew older, I began to forget what fun was.  I bought into the nonsense that you have to let go of childish pursuits in order to get on with the daily grind.  Honey, that kills us inside.  We are creators, we want to make things out of nothing but our imagination.  And when we go the path of the regular, non-creator, we die a little each day.

So, I had to wake up and value my own work.  I had to dare to create it even when it seemed like there was no point and no one cared.  I listened to the little nudge within and chose to keep doing whatever I could to get better at the work.  Start a blog, read books and implement what I learnt about songwriting, Practise my guitar, have singing lessons.  Just kept doing little bits here and there until I worked with coaches who helped me to fully own it by showing me that I was the only person in my own way.  No one stopped me from beginning to do what I saw in my mind’s eye.  I just thought it was unreasonable.

I am sure you do too and so you give EVERYTHING else more of a priority in your life than your creativity and so, you feel kinda dead inside.  WAKE UP!  Value your contribution.


Yep, DAILY! You need to daily make time to create.  The crazy thing is that you WANT TO do it and yet, you keep telling yourself about no time for frivolous pursuits.  IT IS NOT FRIVOLOUS.  It is essential to your happiness and peace and fulfilment and abundance.

So COMMIT to daily creating something.  It can be the teeniest-tiniest something but DO IT!  You want to create songs – write a verse.  You want to write – write a short blog post, map out that book, write a chapter, write a poem.  Use your creativity at work to write that letter to your boss asking for a raise – Be more creative than a regular person would be.  DELIBERATELY choose to find a way to be creating something DAILY!

If in business, then it is a MUST!

If you intend to monetize your creativity, then it is a must as well.


OK, let’s be very honest, you want an audience.  You want people to love what you create.  You want people waiting with baited breath for your next creation.  Well, again, it does not just happen.

It happens because you deliberately design it that way by inviting in an audience.  Let part of your daily creation, if not all, go out onto social media or wherever else you think the people you would like to have in your audience, are.

Can you do a performance in a local pub?  Dare to ask about it and invite people along…

Can you give a talk? Enquire and book yourself in

Do not wait to be discovered!  Go and discover your own audience.

You are the one that gets the ball rolling, okay?  Everyone has this idea of being discovered just by breathing but it does not really happen for the 99.99% – I am not even sure it happens for the .01% – they probably had a parent doing all the marketing for them.

It does not have to be a bad thing to learn to market yourself – It can actually be part of the creative process.  As you use your creations to attract people who are interested in them.  You just need to be a little strategic about putting it out into the world so that people DO SEE & EXPERIENCE IT! unless it is only for you.


Ok, so people are starting to know you, now bring them closer in.

Invite them to connect on social media, Set up a page, a group (online or offline) and invite them to come and join in and get even more of your creations.

Create something special just for people who sign up to your mailing list so that you can stay in touch with them.

You started in their world, draw them closer into your world.

And keep creating things to keep them interested.  Allow your internal creative streak to go crazy and just create for sheer joy.


So, now you are creating, people are interested but in order to make a living from it, you gotta sell something.  Again, create unique things that can be sold.  There are so many options for you – Just think outside the box of your own experience by working with mentors, coaches who can help you figure out what to sell.

As I keep saying to clients, there really is always a way to monetize what you want to do.  ALWAYS!  Ultimately, the key is to provide value to another person and ask them to swap it for cash.  Please do make this a priority.  Too many creatives end up broke and struggling (particularly spiritual ones) because they think it is beneath them to offer something for sale or they have this expectation that people will just throw money at them.  they may even start to resent people for not doing that.

How silly!

Get over your crazy money story and allow it to flow by asking for it when you want it.


None of the above works if you are erratic and only do things when you feel like it.  You are transitioning from thinking that your work is frivolous and unnecessary to realising that actually, it does have value and the only way yo will defeat the crazy thoughts in your head is by choosing to CONTINUALLY show up, regardless of how you feel so that the work has a chance to work and prove to your disbelieving mind that there is value in it.


There is no waiting around for an epiphany – they usually come to those who have committed to being CONSISTENT!


To me, this is essential for any creative work.  I mean, I think it is essential for EVERYTHING but even more so for creatives.  It enables you to tap into a higher, more creative version of you.  It enables you to tap into wisdom beyond yourself and your experiences.  Cultivate a practice that you are CONSISTENT with.  It matters not what that practice is, as long as you have one.


Anyway, it is these simple things that make the difference between those who do complete their life feeling spent and fulfilled and those who go to the grave with regrets.

You KNOW you are called to make a difference in a bigger, a bolder way so please stop second-guessing yourself and start believing in what you offer.

Remember your vision is your permission…

So please, bring your true vision to life by daily doing something towards it.

the world really does need us to wake up and live to our true design.  There is a reason you are here and as you do what you really are created to do, you will sense a feeling of completeness, of peace as you are your true self.

Be the creator you are born to be.

Start now.

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Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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