Creating Adverts that Sell You, Your Product, Service and anything else – 9 ideas

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Creating Adverts that Sell You, Your Product, Service and anything else.Do you use advertising as part of your marketing mix? I do. In fact you are probably reading this as a result of one of my adverts.

Advertising is a great way to get traffic onto your site or feet through your offline door. However, learning how to write adverts that get attention is key to making this work for you. Too many entrepreneurs throw money away when advertising because there is a lack of knowledge of what needs to be done to create an eye-catching and effective advert.

Here are a few ideas for you to work with and get started producing adverts that sell your products, services and possibly enlarge your team. But please remember it is not just a case of throwing lots of money at advertising when the business itself has no foundation. Be clear on what you want people to do and make sure there is a structure in place that means that any prospects who do turn up as a result of your advertising can see a clear path of things to do.

Here are 9 ideas for you…

1. Remember it is all about the headline

If your headline is not constructed to get attention then you are already in trouble.   If you are using pay-per click advertising, then mostly, you just have the headline and not much else. So, it becomes doubly important to make sure that your headline is specifically speaking to the person whose attention you want to attract.

Even when taking part in offline advertising, know that the headline is what entices your prospects to take a deeper look. Hint – Using your business name as a headline is not a good idea.

2. Consider your customer avatar

What do they want? Have a list of some of the pains or desires and use that to construct an advert that gets attention.  Think about the words they would use to ask the question and use those words in the advert.  As a business owner, you start to hear words in your head that your customers do not use because you know so much more about the product or service.  Go back to basics, speak to more consumers and listen for words and phrases that they use.

3. Lead With A Question

Ask a question to get their attention“Need More Prospects?”

“Want To Work From Home?”
“Do You Have Kids?”

Using questions means that only people who can say yes to this are likely to click through or take the action you propose in the advert.

4. Call Them Out by name

“Attn: Business Owners!”

Are you speaking to a specific group of people? Then call them out by name and get only their attention. Let go of all concern about cutting other people off. That is the best way to do things. You cannot market to everyone.

5. Personalise it with ‘You’

Use words like you, yours, your. It makes your prospects feel they are being spoken to personally.

6. Tell them what to do

“Sign up here”
“Download Here Now”
“Enter Your email”

Make sure there is a clear call to action on the advert. Your adverts are not there solely to brand you so make sure there is a next step for each advert. Never assume the customers know what to do nest, they mostly don’t. Be very clear about what you want.

7. “Free” is a great word

Easy and Simple are great words to use as well in your advertisements.

8. Shock/Negativity

“The MLM Scam”

This can also be used to get attention.

9. Numbers work well in adverts

“7865 people have used this”

For some reason, numbers grab the eye so take advantage of that in your adverts.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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