Listen… you are a creator.  There is no need for all this reacting.

You are creating more havoc when you spend all your day in reaction.

You may be reacting to events but your reaction is creating more of the nonsense that you are trying to avoid because whether you think you are a victim or a victor, you create the reality of it.

So, it is time to take a sideways step from reactor to creator.

And that is all it is – a sideways step.

You decide what you want and you step into it.


No call for shame, blame, or any of that nonsense.

You just step away from this downward path and you step into the upward path.

The path of creation.

How do you do this?

 1. Get clear.

What do you want it all to look like?  Let’s talk just business for now because the chances are that if you are reading what I am writing then you want a successful business.  In fact, you don’t just want a successful business, you want to change lives with your business, your message, the stuff inside of you needs to come out and you know it.  Business is the vehicle and yes, you want to make lots of money with it but ultimately, something inside of you wants to impact something inside a lot of other people.

What is that message?  What is that inner pull?  What do you want to say?  What is the medium?

Time to get clear.

No, this is not a ‘once and done’ type thing.  It takes a whole lot of stripping off the surface layers, the surface beliefs about whether it is possible for you, the surface need to make money any old how and therefore start getting distracted by every shiny money-making opportunity out there.  All of that needs to be stripped off and it takes time but, and this is a big but, you can be clear for today.

Today, what do you want?

With the wisdom you have inside of you today, what do you want?  Who do you want it for?  What do you want to tell them?  How do you want to tell them?  What do you want your business to look like?

Yep, it may all change tomorrow but for today, what do you want?

Get clear on that.  Spend a little time writing it out.

No, do not make plans based on what you think is possible because of your experiences to date – That is too limiting.  Allow yourself to dream bigger than that.  Write it out.  Start to make the impossible possible by writing it out and putting a plan around it, which leads me to the next point.

2. Make a plan

See it all as a project.  Stop seeing it as some massive mountain that can never happen.  This is a simple truth – If you can dream it, then you can achieve it.  So, stop with the over-thinking and talking yourself out of it.

There is no difference between you and any other high-achieving go-getter except that they believed enough to keep going until they got to ‘there’.

Make it practical – You are ‘here’ and you want to get to ‘there’ – What are the possible routes?

Which one seems best to you?  Begin and don’t stop until you get there.  Simple and yet, not so much, right?

Yes, I know, I know, we like to complicate things.  I do it, too.  I think and think and think instead of act and act and act.  And so everything takes longer.

So, let’s talk about one possible route to your first $1000 a month.

a) Start building a large social media platform

Where do the people you want to reach spend their time?  Build your platform there.  I personally like Facebook and a lot of my customers are here so I spend time and money creating a platform on Facebook.  You can do the same.

Instead of figuring out all the nitty-gritties of landing pages, squeeze pages, mailing lists and all of that stuff (which is absolutely excellent but sometimes, people get stuck on the detail!), you could start to grow your audience today by inviting people to your page, advertising to them and just having your adverts build your platform rather than wondering where to put your money – Time again spent in overthinking.

b) Create content that helps

No point inviting people to a platform with nothing on it.  Your people need to know you, they need to like you and they need to trust you and you can create all of that by creating some form of content – Blogs, articles, videos, audios, infographics, whatever suits you.

Yes, you need to create content deliberately each and every day to build relationship with these people who are popping over to take a look at what you are up to.  If there is nothing there, then they go running off to the next person who has more to offer than you.  And when they talk to you, respond.  Do not be fly by night and too cool for school.  Respond.  Help them there and then.  Be human.

c) Be everywhere, doing something

It is not enough to just update your own platform.  You must be other places where your people are likely to be.  Find other places to put your content so that anyone doing a google search on you (and that is sooooo likely) can find out more about you.  Take it offline as well, if you are a local business.  Get some press releases distributed.  Get interviewed by anyone who cares to interview you.  The more you are seen, the more the offers will come so please do not make the classic mistake of most entrepreneurs, which is to hide away waiting to be discovered by someone who does not know you exist.  Be confident in what you have to offer and shout it from the rooftops!  Brainstorm ways to share your message and invite people into your world.  Do them, just do them.  No overthinking, just do it.

d) Offer them something

What is your business?

Is it a service?  Then offer a conversation to the people on your platform so they can see how you can help them.  Do a video talking through what you have on offer and invite them to make contact with you.  Do something everyday to offer your service to these people who are now in your circle of influence. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Is it a product? Talk about it and offer it for sale – Tell them why they must have it and tell them exactly where to get it.  Offer it every day on your ever-growing platform. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Is it a business opportunity?  Same thing.  Tell them how it is working for you or how it has worked for others and ask them to take a look. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Is it a book?  Write it, offer it.  Write another one, offer it – Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Is it music?  Same thing.  Create song, offer it, create another one, offer it, Plan concert, offer it – Repeat, repeat, repeat.  (Whatever the crazy model of music distribution these days – If you want to create wealth from your music then just do this)

Whatever it is, offer it in some way every single day.

e) Focus on the above and then…

Now that you have started the ball rolling, start to think of building your own list.  Whatever platform you are on, is not yours so having a house list is essential.  No, I don’t think that Facebook or any of the social media platforms are going to suddenly disappear but hey, everyone thought that of some other platform that I cannot now remember!  Aaah yes – my space.

So, don’t rest on your laurels – Add this to the mix – Have your own website and have your own mailing list.  Invite people from the current platform to pop on over to your mailing list and make the offer sweet.  Why should they leave where they are comfortable to go to an unknown place?  Give them a great reason and they will pop over in their droves.

Notice that I put this one last because entrepreneurs, and maybe you, are so distracted with trying to set this stuff up that you are not just getting out there and connecting with people.  Forget this bit, it is easy for someone else to set up for you at a later point.  If you are not making a $500 to $1000 from your business yet – Get focused and use things that are already in place – your people are in social media so connect there for now and put most of your energy in connecting with people and being human and then work out all this technical stuff.


OK, simple plan.  Will you do it?

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Fight for, create the life, the business you want.

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