Stop waiting, my love.

Stop waiting to know everything.

You know enough to begin

You know enough to take the first step

No longer do you need to be subject to anyone

There is God power within you

Learn to use it

Harness it for your own good

the Divine withholds nothing from you

It is you that believe the nonsense that you have been conditioned with

You can start afresh

You can start anew

Nothing stops you, but you.

Yes, it will take retraining

Yes, you will need to remember how to align yourself with the power within

But it is all possible


BUt the doubt holds you back

The fear of being laughed at

The fear that you will loosen your grip on this unsatisfactory life, only to find yourself with nothing, petrifies you

And so though you long to do your own thing, be your own person

You wait.

You claim to be doing due diligence

But at the front of your mind, is a memory of the last time you jumped in

And how humiliating it felt to fail

You do not want that again

And so you pause

You wait

You want more clarity

You want assurance

You want things that no one, but the unscrupulous, can give you.

this is a faith walk, my love

KNowledge and confidence come further along the path

But you gotta start even when you are not sure of everything

You have to trust and take that step

I would like to support you in overcoming this fear you have

Come to the Divine Empowerment Experience in less than 24 hours

Come feel the energy of the Divine flowing through you

Come and get back into alignment with your true design

You deserve the best

But only if you will claim it.

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Much Amazing Love

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