Stop creating a drama out of nothing – Create Wealth Instead

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Some people make a drama out of absolutely NOTHING!  And it is usually not a drama that helps them at all!

What if all that energy was redirected towards wealth creation? How much more wealthy would they be? How much of a real difference to the world could they make?

When I became a landlord for the first time, I got caught up in trying to save the world. I had tenants who had huge stories and I wanted to save them. Because of who I am, I see deeper than people can see in themselves. I see potential where they only see trials. I see how much of a leader they could be with a little redirection of their energy and sometimes, I annoy them when I try to show them how so …

I wanted to help my tenants redirect.

I learnt fairly quickly that unless people ask for support, it is a complete waste of time to help them see what they really do not want to see.

And when you are in the Landlord/Tenant relationship, tenants feel you are trying to make them do something just so you get the rent each month.

Which, well, yes, I did want my rent each month but I also wanted people to see their own potential.

Anyway, I realized that my energies were better spent with willing leaders instead of leaders who could not see that they were leaders and thought I had ulterior motives.

So, I started to work with a property manager to put a bit of a barrier between tenants and myself.

Recently, I have had dealings with a tenant who has managed to convince herself that I have it in for her. She has unfortunately not paid her rent, not kept track of how much she owes and now, when I tell her what she owes, she thinks I am lying.

Even though I have shown her the facts of what she owes, she keeps thinking that I have it in for her.

So, she has created a drama in her life about something that is not a drama. It is just a fact of life.  And all that energy could be more appropriately spent figuring out how to create some more money to pay her way in life.

This is what happens when we get afraid and lash out rather than just look at all the options and come to a solution.

When we are reacting out of fear, we create drama, we lash out, we start accusing others instead of taking full responsibility and we limit our options.

We live in a world of limitless options, we live in a world of abundance – why would you go out of your way to limit the options available to you?

The truth is, most of the time you do not realize you are doing it and it takes someone outside of your world to look in and give you a few more options to decide from.

Creating wealth is made easier when you surround yourself with a power team that helps you see all the options.

Who is in your power team?

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