Do you want to be rich?


Or are you still caught up in thinking that it is too vulgar to think about it like that?

Are you hiding behind your spirituality, your sense of mission, your “I am too posh to say that” -ness and holding yourself back from just asking the Divine for what you really truly want?

It takes courage to actually face up to the fact that you are fed up of living beneath your full potential. It takes courage to admit that though you have dreams of serving the world, you are always limited by how much wealth you are NOT creating at the moment.

When will you step up and claim the abundance that is within reach of you?

And when will you stop looking only for certainty?

Do you know what I mean?

It takes courage to stop looking for the ‘paint by numbers’ approach to creating wealth, abundant wealth.

It takes courage to recognize that if you knew what you needed to know to step away from your current reality and create a new better one, then you would already have done it.

And as you have not done it yet, it stands to reason, that what is required is outside the realm of certainty for you.

And when you keep looking for that ‘1 + 1 = 2’ answer, you keep yourself limited just to the realms of your experience.

So, instead of stepping into the realms of ‘1+1 = so much more than 2’, you timidly stay stuck only in what you know.

You know there is more to you than that, right?

You do not need to fear what you do not know. BE courageous enough to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

You keep trying to put yourself back into a box of certainty – where you can see how it all adds up to your goals but you refuse to see how that limits you.

You refuse to acknowledge that it is fear that makes you do that.

You have been in control for so long, you have been caring for others for so long, you have been in survival mode and now you have forgotten what it is like to experiment, to start an adventure into the unknown, to trust that God has you in hand…

So you stay safely trapped in your certainty.

YOU EVEN FEEL TRAPPED but you cannot see a way out.

And when a thought occurs to you of how you could do something different, it scares you so you shut it down immediately, you keep doing what you have always done and the dissatisfaction inside you grows…

Or WORSE, it becomes silent and you just keep plodding along, expecting nothing and getting nothing and growing daily in cynicism.

Woohoo for you!


Wake up!



You are called to be a leader in business, in life not because you have all the answers but because you have the ability to demonstrate courage even when you feel uncertain about exactly what to do.

When others get shaky in their faith because all around them feels uncertain, you stay strong.

You are a leader because you dare to take that step into the unknown, to go before everyone else and brave the darkness.

You are willing to walk into the darkness and keep your nerve without trying to run back into the realm of certainty.

You are willing to feel your way around, knowing ultimately that the universe has got you so you need not fear.

You know that the only way to grow is to allow expansion and this can happen as fast or as slow as you let it happen.

We have limited time here on this planet, why choose slow?

Each day, we grow or we shrink based on our decisions.

Decide to get comfortable with being uncomfortable – It is the path to more wealth than you can currently imagine is possible.

Fight for, create the life & business you want. Stop living the one you don’t.

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