I was angry

I wanted restitution

I wanted THEM to admit they were wrong

They did not

They thought I was being silly

Which made me angrier

They thought I should just let it all go

I hate being told what to do!

I held on all the tighter…

However, I finally realised that too many others had authority over my life

I was giving away way too much power

And I did not feel any better for it

If anything, I seemed to be getting more anxious and frustrated

And I got done with that

I chose to let go

Which meant forgiving them

Even though I did not want to

However, I wanted my lavish, fulfilling and prosperous life and so I let it all go

You cannot create an awesome life experience if you are caught up in such low level emotions

A part of you also feels unworthy of good things while you hold onto bad things

I finally decided that no one was allowed to steal my prosperity from me


That is what unforgiveness does

It holds YOU back

Not them

You are giving them authority over you

They look at you a certain way and you think they are going to come hurt you again

Your life is oriented around what they said or did


Is that what you want?

You are new breed leader

Called to change lives and create an amazing life for yourself

Called to make a difference

And you are allowing these people to control you in this manner


I know that sometimes the pain we feel, has no words to describe it

Sometimes, we feel so swallowed up by that pain and we cannot see where it ends and we begin

We feel alone in that pain and it feels unbearable to let the purveyors of that pain get away with it

But we forgive for our own freedom

Not for theirs or for them

I know you know this but it bears repeating

We do it because we have a legacy to create

We do it because we have a difference to make

We do it because as we heal, the world heals

We do it because we are more than this pain

And so, the invitation comes again to release them and in doing so, to release yourself.

It is time.

I help clients change more lives and create wealth online while living to their true design and one of the things we ALWAYS have to do is healing work.  You will never allow yourself to prosper fully when you are caught up in unforgiveness – A part of you will always feel unworthy of good things.

So, I support clients in letting go, connecting more powerfully to Source and taking physical action towards their goals at the same time.

Together, we deliberately design free, fulfilled, financially abundant lives

Are you ready for that to be your story?

Let’s talk – RosemaryNonnyKnight.com/letstalk

Much Amazing Love


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