The internet runs on WORDS, lots and lots and LOTS of words…

And I see people trying so hard to avoid it.

The problem is that even the offline world runs on words…

So, no, you cannot avoid content marketing and why would you want to?

People need to hear you, to listen in to what you have to say, to watch you, to experience you and a lot of that is done through words.  I know that body language is also pretty important but when you are operating a business from the online space, you do not have the benefit of body language so you must get very well-versed at using words.

Here are a few ideas to help you…

1. Stop doubting that you have something useful to say

One of the biggest factors that will stifle all energy is your tendency to second guess all the time.  You are full of ideas, full of words until the moment when you have to write that blog post, do that video and then all of a sudden you are tongue-tied, you have no idea what to talk about and you think that you cannot do the work.

That becomes a self-fulfilling tale for you.  You tell yourself you have nothing to say and so, then your brain agrees with you and so cannot be bothered to give you any ideas to run with.  The ideas that were there, just at the tip of your tongue waiting for you to unleash, return to sender because you are second guessing and choosing to believe that you have nothing to say.

ACTION: Get into the habit of telling yourself that you are a fount of great ideas.

2.  Grab That Sliver Of An Idea

We all have them.  You walk through the day and those little ideas keep showing up and generally,  you shoo them away thinking that they are not epic enough.

At the same time, you are waiting on inspiration, thinking it will come as some great revelation or maybe even a booming voice in the heavens and NO, it does not.  It is that small little whisper that offers itself to you but you ignore it…

And so, you receive less and less of those whispers because they are now popping over to your colleague over on the other side of town who is open and willing to run with any idea.  They know that the idea is offered to whoever will take action first and they know that they can develop the idea as they actually put fingers to keyboard.

You can do that, too.

Stay attentive to those little ideas, those little whispers that appear through the day.  Get into the habit of acting immediately or at least writing them down on your journal which, of course, you carry around with you all the time!  You have to acknowledge the idea, you have to make it feel welcome because then it will start to invite its friends and next thing you know, you have an abundance of ideas pouring out of you all the time.

Stop waiting for the big idea – Run with the little one and make it big.

3. Don’t be overly concerned about the money

When it comes to being a creative, you cannot filter through all your ideas, looking only for the one that makes you money.  That pressure on yourself to figure out the most profitable idea upfront will stifle the flow of ideas.

You will never know which idea will make you the most money upfront.  You have to trust that consistency on putting words out in the world and having a SOLID call to action at the end of the words will work.

Not every piece you produce is going to be awe-inspiring and frankly, the ones that are, are usually not the ones you thought would be.

Stop trying to predict what will or will not work and bring in the money – Trust that your consistency and commitment to serving people with your words will being the money in and let your words out.

4. Use words in a way that suits you

In order to keep coming up with words in your business, you are better off playing to your strengths.

If you like to write more than you like to speak – write books, write articles on other people’s sites, write blog posts on your own, write social media updates and create pictures that impact people using sites like

If you like to talk more than you like to write – do a webinar, do a teleseminar, speak your blog posts, speak out a book and then get them transcribed, do videos and let people see you or watch your screen, extract the audio and upload that to soundcloud/itunes/stictcher – Be everywhere, doing something.

Figure out your best way of getting content out of you and do that.  You can always hire someone to convert it into a different format.  You can even read out your written words while recording your screen which has presentation slides you created and that can become a presentation/video for slideshare/YouTube.

As I say, create content using your preferred method and then convert it into the other formats so that your words can be experienced in a wide range of ways.

5. Make it a daily habit

Do not do this work only when it pleases you – Do it daily and then it becomes an unbreakable habit and you wonder why you ever worried about creating enough content for your business.

Of course, it will feel hard at the star – That is why many do not do it!

Stop being a ‘norm’ and recognise that the trials of today will be something to laugh over tomorrow, if you stay on track and trust the process.  It will not always be tough.  It will get easy.  Start NOW!

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The outcome of this work will be that you…

  1. Become the ALPHA version of yourself that you absolutely know you are capable of being so that you create with absolute determination the life and the business you desire.
  2. Elevate your beliefs about what is possible for you and about the role you are called to play in your lifetime.
  3. KNOW exactly what you need to do and how EXACTLY to do it, IN A WHOLE LOT LESS TIME EACH DAY, so you are already creating the life and the business you actually want.

Would you like to find out more?  Send an email to with a little information about you and your business (Current or soon to begin) – What is it about?  What are your 90 day goals? What are your current challenges?

It is time to fight for, to create the life and the business that you want.

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