Content Marketing – A 7 Step Plan To Set Yourself Up As An Expert, Get Your Message Out & Get More Customers In

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Content Marketing

We live in an information age but how can you get the message of your business out into the world as quickly as possible, especially in this day and age where everyone seems to have something to say. On social media, content is being generated so quickly, there is no way to keep up with it unless you get pretty strategic and ultimately you work hard.


Here are 5 different ways to use content marketing to get your message out and get more customers in.


1. Have a Blog

Do not however assume that all blogs are created equal. Do not settle for one of the free blogs, there may be too many conditions on them to actually create something that makes you any money. So, invest in a great domain name and hosting and have your own website.

Again, do not assume that it stops here. Make sure you keep your blog regularly updated. If you consider yourself a writer then generate 300 word plus articles yourself each day to put on the site and promote it everywhere you can think of. If you are not a writer then it is easy to get others to generate content for you by paying for it on outsourcing sites like or or you could also put the word out that you are looking for guest posts on your blog and you may get some uptake though, a new blog is unlikely to attract anyone other than the more novice business owners. However, we all have to start somewhere.

2. Do Podcasts

It may seem complicated but it really is not. Just record yourself reading your daily blogs into your smartphone’s voice recorder and upload it to soundcloud and there you go, you have another post for someone to find.

Be active on sites like soundcloud and follow other people to get people tuning in to your audio content.

3. Do Videos

You might be getting the idea here. Take your daily post and either sit in front of your computer and use your webcam to record yourself reading it out and maybe elaborating on it in your voice or put it to a powerpoint slideshow presentation and record your screen as you talk over it. Then upload this video to YouTube and again, share it with everyone you know and there you have another piece of content.

4. Write a book

Keep doing your daily blogs for 60 days so then you have 18000 words or more available. Go over each blog post and add more detail now that you have got more experience in creating content and you are probably getting a lot more prolific.

Put it all together and save it as a PDF. This can be a lead magnet for your business or maybe, even a book on Amazon though you must make sure you add enough new content to it to make Amazon take it onboard. They are not fans of turning your blog into a book with nothing additional for readers.

5. Do webinars online or Offline Training Workshops

Take a few of your blog posts and piece them together as a step-by-step blueprint which you can then teach on a webinar or workshop. Go into more depth but ultimately, the material on your website is the basis for everything you do.

6. Use The Slides

Remember those slides, place them on a slide share or save them as a PDF and put it as another post on your site.

7. Social Media Updates

Take excerpts from the posts and use those as social media updates.

Can you see how simple it can be to build a content base that sets you up as an expert? Note, I say simple, not necessarily easy!


And it all starts by taking a little action every single day.


Start today, do not delay.


Where could you be this time next year with a wide base of content that your prospects can benefit from? How much more likely are they to work with you if you have this base in place?
And for those particularly driven types… Imagine you started with more than one blog post a day? How much quicker could you get results then?

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